Dear Senator DeSaulnier - Assist this constituent like you've assisted others.

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

NOTE: In 2010 I met with Senator DeSaulnier about events that eventually became CNET but soon after the February arrests my car totaled by a police officer in July 2011.  Instead of assisting this constituent he decides to call the Legislative Security Services who met with me in Sept 2011 - since then many near this scandal have been killed but on Sept 28th I was nearly taken out by a hit and run driver in Walnut Creek.  

Dear Senator DeSaulnier,

I am homeless, I have no food, my roommate was attacked on Walker Ave sent to the ER with head trauma, last week near the same spot I was nearly hit in the crosswalk by a speeding driver who was traveling 60 MPH or better.  The Walnut Creek Police really don't know what to do these endless attacks.  I travel in area less than a 1/2 square mile - but endure events with persons associated with the same Unions you clearly are connected to. 

These attacks are nothing short of attempted murders - conspiracy, extortion and witness intimidation.  

The Panera incident was bad enough, the next day I'm dealing with Walnut Creek Cop that I know is associated with CNET, SWAT and others.  He knows Butler and likely is close enough to my attorney being beaten up in 2006 which ended the lawsuit that would have ended CNET ten years ago. 

The Unions Are: 

In September I was attacked by a former Walnut Creek retiree.  Last week I was thrown out of Panera Bread.

The Crosswalk incident - Attempted murder?  

Just a normal day - try getting some help!

President Obama and Secret Service Letter

Last month my long time musician from the area recently performed at a high security event that should have been vetted with the Secret Service.  The victims listed on my blog know the performer like I do but when you break down the relationships you'll find we're connected via music. I am connected to several spinal meningitis or bacterial cases.  This year two politicians died of spinal or bacterial meningitis but that's two in Contra Costa and they both knew the third one.  

I am sure the Secret Service will question events as it's their job to vet incidents no matter how seemingly disconnected they especially when you've got the largest pipeline fire in the country one degree away from this same group. 

Walnut Creek Events
Last month I had a harrowing encounter with an Officer that is connected Wielsch, Butler, Tanabe and Lombardi  

Pick a problem, no license, homeless, forgery, attempted murder, arson, assault, Police misconduct, civil rights violation, poison and police misconduct ala Carte.  I can't get counsel as no one in the Bar Association will even talk to me.  The net result of those activities fall into the conspiracy realm but I can't blame because they all know my 2004 litigation would have uncovered CNET in 2005 not 2011 and there is no way CNET operated in secret.  

So since you sent in the State Police my truck was towed off, my guitar stolen, my roommate beaten, there is the crosswalk incident, then I've been in several fist fights defending myself, been detained, interrogated while hundreds strolled by and many I know.  The intentional act was designed to cast fear on residents who know me.  

I've been attacked in Panera Bread, Starbucks, nearly run over in Safeway more than once and my car has been totaled by a cop - the best answer to date is its unfortunate.  

If you can't help then I'll start calling every senator in the state to find someone who can help. 

I've got GovBuddy and will begin polling every Senator for help while sharing my story.  

Bring Suit Against the State 

  1. Civil rights violation on your staff and you personally if possible
  2. Damages claim for intentional emotional distress
  3. Since I've been attacked by SEIU retirees then ask the FBI to investigate that known relationship with your office. 

Please send instructions on filing claims with the State of California 

Attack by Union Workers or affiliated with

Since our meeting in 2010 I've been attacked persons associated with the Teamsters, Iron Workers, SIEU, and retired police officers.  

It's your job to provide constituent services fairly to all citizens regardless of race, creed, immigration status, homeless, working and any other category. 

If you can't then find one Senator willing to help me as every promise made has been broken and you can expect a plethora of Public Records requests 


Last month a PG&E surveillance crashed killing two employees is another connection to the San Bruno Fire, a fire that could easily be arson or better suited to be reclassified as Domestic Terrorism.  


  1. Same Gas Transmission Lines connected to the San Bruno Fire 
  2. Same lines likely taken from my laptop - that contained over 200,000 pages of PG&E data
  3. PG&E worker kidnapped from same Gas Transmission Group

Wiget Lane Operations: 
Engineers, Surveyors, Construction Management services covering thousands of miles of critical infrastructure that the worlds 11th largest economy depends on.  

Whose connected this project: 

Pete Bennett - March 2011 to July 2011 when my car was totaled. 
Kidnap Victim - Suspect looks like police officer who has stalked me 
AA Surveillance Plane Crew - would get the same Pipeline Data which is same office my meetings were held for same PG&E Pipeline testing project. 
Ravenelle Enterprises: PG&E Vendor that is connected this event returning from PG&E Modesto operations

Less than two weeks after this plane crash someone once again attempts to run me over.  

The event is more important than ever is Testing the pipelines that failed but I'm so convinced that this accident wasn't intentionally created but likely took advantage of PG&E weak monitoring system. 

Constituent Services - be a Senator and help solve this constituent ongoing problems.   
The constituent services should have been handled two years ago, assistance with housing and protection for my sons 

PG&E has stonewalled me about getting paid but all these setbacks hit me continuously and I am really tired of rebuilding offices, finances and clients.  



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