The Homeless Programmer using Social Media to wake the Giants of Business

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/28/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Walnut Creek CA:  In 2011 I was contracted to work for PG&E for project that sort of fell from the sky.  Looking back I know something was wrong about how I was hired, what I ended up with on my laptop was enough for a domestic terrorist to carry out a wide range of attacks on PG&E infrastructure.

In the coming days I'll be posting the scenarios on how it could be done but I'll be using real world events already concluded and perhaps with flawed investigations.  The information Silos are part of the problem.

My personal challenge is a place to live - even though PG&E main defense counsel has been well aware of events near me and are well aware of my allegations.  I've called about 20 times for two years this The Homeless Programmer continues to endure attacks, his roommate tossed him for his own safety when he was mugged in Walnut Creek, I was mugged in Oroville, my car was totaled in Lafayette but it's far worse as former Senators Rainey and Perata have lost family members.  My ex-wife knows the Raineys, I knew their nephew as Uncle Fester from Tike Toms a fun loving guy who committed suicide, and Don Perata's daughter in-law drowned just like Margaret Lesher drowned but former Contra Costa Times reporter Michael Taugher drowned in Maui by vanishing from the surface while snorkeling but ..... he was another State of California Employee as he was the PIO for the Fish and Wildlife (Game) who wrote hard hitting well deserved pieces on Seeno and other power names in Political cricles.

This resident has called the elected officials DeSaulnier, Bonilla, Buchanan plus has emailed the Council of Mayors the day before he appeared on August 2rd 2012.  Few know this but Supervisor Anderson is Mormon, she is a member of the Danville Stake where the San Ramon, Alamo and Danville Wards operate under one entity.  She knew Ernie Scherer, and definitely knows James Greenan and Nate Greenan and Ernie Scherer III would attend the same Danville Area Stake Functions like Pioneer Days, General Conference and Emergency Preparedness events held at the Danville Ward on Old Orchard Way Danville CA.

That was where Mike Shimansky told me they were too powerful and couldn't stop them.  We were talking about the attempted murder of me by this man who fell to his death five weeks after I gave documents to the Chief of Police Joel Bryden and City Manager Ken Nordoff then the target of my litigation once linked to CNET nearly eight years falls to his death.

The experts of staging accidents are incredibly good or they have friends where they need them.  Read about Mr. Collins tragic fall in Palo Alto on Dec

This lawsuit would have stopped CNET in 2004

Since my attorney


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