PG&E Modesto operations - Domestic Terrorism Chess - Get Bennett's Laptop

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/06/2013

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Reposted to Protect My Sons

Modesto CA: Since my car was totaled in Lafayette Ca on July 20th 2011 I've attempted to remedy many strange events near this project with PG&E their vendor Ravenelle, the State Police, FBI and ATF.  After several years of incidents but more important useless attempts at getting paid for services this former PG&E contract programmer suspects that the San Bruno fire was either Domestic Terrorism or Arson of Opportunity.  This contract programmer has numerous arson incidents near him and now suspects that officers connected 

In March 2011 I was contracted to Ravenelle Enterprises to build numerous databases specific to the PG&E Hydrotesting project.  

On my return trip from Modesto on May 27th I was being held at the facility performing what I considered to be make busy minutia.  The entire facility was empty given it was Memorial Day Weekend and so all I was doing was twiddling my thumbs. It was me and the security guard.  I finally got the call that it was OK to leave.  

On my way back someone followed me up 99 to 405.  I stopped north of Modesto but the car reappeared. 

On my laptop was data from the PG&E Gas Transmission Project and that car well I had my eyes on it and when he made the move I hit the brakes just enough he missed. I'd been through this in 2004.  

I've called PG&E enough times that I've decided to let everyone know my opinion as a few weeks later whoever these people are but this time they got me in Lafayette.  

Apparently my laptop contained well over a large amount of files.  The VP of Ravenell son was arrested in Texas for dealing drugs with I believe was the Marines.  Now that the Navy shooter story is out I'm suspecting this VP was being squeezed by persons unknown. 

My personal opinion about the PG&E pipeline fire is this was a form of domestic terrorism.  PGE fails to recognize their role in the Bay Area - they supply the utilities to the 11th largest economy in the world.  

I almost ready to say the military should be taking over running portions of their operations.  They are missing the mark completely.  

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