Arson Fire: 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road - the fire you can't find at Consolidated Fire

Walnut Creek CA: I've called Consolidated Fire, went to their offices in person, called again after they told me there was no fire but I didn't give up and below is the news article on this fire. My attorney was Donald Gene Moats who represented me in 2001 but my case was derailed by this fire. My losses - about 100K as Moats never appeared in court and the case went down the drain quickly. He was disbarred shortly thereafter but I'm wondering if a different reason was the cause.

In 2004 my F-250 Truck was set ablaze on 680 - in 2004 Judge Golub was connected my former family in Danville at 161 Valle Vista Danville. I told this Judge two critical statements, One that I suspected my truck was arson, that my truck fire was the work of local residents and police officers. Ten years later this story breaks CNET Scandal I'm being beaten by Gary Collins now Deceased. Over the 2012/2013 winter I informed Judge Golub more than once that my truck fire was linked to the Piedmont Lumber fire and other local fires. I suspect the San Mateo Bridge Fire is going to fall into that category. Broken springs or air shocks - CHP has a credibility problem with me as in 2004 I tried to tell a CHP officer my truck fire was arson.

Ten years later San Ramon Fire District has Pete Amnesia but wait Consolidated Fire can't find this fire. I've called many times and by now I'm sure my phone is under surveillance - you guys are so pathetic. One of the stalkers from Hillside Covenant Church works at Station One and is friends with the two youth directors who each share responsibility for my 2011 Car accidents. That accident was attempted murder - nothing more nothing less.

Keywords: Arson, Superior Court, Golub, Fire, Hillside Covenant Church


Consolidated FireStation One

1330 Civic Drive

Walnut Creek CA 94596

A four-alarm fire on the second floor of a Walnut Creek office building early Monday quickly spread and forced fire officials to close down all 16 suites.


Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, CA) - Tuesday, September 25, 2001

No one was injured in the blaze at 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road. The building houses legal and medical offices.

Fifty firefighters fought the 3:16 a.m. blaze for more than two hours, said Contra Costa Fire District Battalion Chief Steve Maiero.

"Investigators are trying to pinpoint the exact area of origin," Maiero said. "Part of the roof completely burned through and structural beams were heavily damaged."

Maiero estimated damage would exceed $1 million.

Dr. Peter Binstock stood just steps away from his office when his patient, Ranella Elder of Antioch, walked up to him in the hours just after the fire . Elder had a 9:45 a.m. appointment.

"It's odd," Elder said. "I come here and the building's on fire and (my doctor) is actually looking at my finger in the middle of the parking lot."

Binstock, who specializes in infectious diseases, said he wasn't worried about having to relocate.

"Eighty to 90 percent of our patients are hospital-based," he said.

Building owner Scot Bergren said it could take at least six months to restore the building, but he hoped a few tenants would be allowed back earlier into suites where the damage wasn't so severe.

"It's a shame that all these poor tenants and patients are being inconvenienced," he said. "This is not a great day for anybody. We'll just make the best of it and move forward."

Frances Wymore, a legal secretary at the law offices of Mark P. Grundman, is one of 65 people who work in the building.

"I'm waiting for my boss to come and see if he can get us in" said Wymore, of Concord. She spent most of the afternoon in court, then purchased office supplies to replace the damaged ones inside.

Reach Jasmine Kripalani at 925-943-8163 or

Caption: Firefighters leave an office building that burned early Monday at 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek. No one was injured. (Dan Rosenstrauch/Times)

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Section: news

Page: a03

Index Terms: building, accident, fire

Record Number: 2001268505

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