Walnut Creek Library Incidents - Fall 2010 to Present

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch

Phone: 925-399-1082

Posted: 06/27/2013

June 27th 2013

Walnut Creek CA: Back on August 5th 2011 I was approached by several members of the Walnut Creek Police Department. Just prior to that I was asleep from being dead tired from sleeping outside in the weather. The reason for that threads to the CNET Scandal involving police officers now in Federal Prison but those officers back in 2004 were either in my house in Danville or had pulled me over accusing me things like stealing my own tools. Now the cards are turned the other as my letter to the US Attorneys office outlined in detail how my Kruggerand Collection was stolen in 2004. I wrote that letter December 31st 2011 after learning the same officer Lombardi was accused of stealing cash from suspects which is what the Pittsburg Police did to me in 1988 - that time I lost around 25 to 30K in tools, computers and property.

Moving back to events at the North Entrance of the Walnut Creek Public Library several officers called me over to begin their one-up suspect interrogation where they hurl unfounded accusations that one has deflect without becoming agitated or visceral. The morning in question I was out cold - not from boozing but I'm diabetic and was living in an adverse conditions known as homeless even though I once lived at 140 Crosby Court, that house was lost when attorneys associated with Doyle. Golde and Grossman, (Lisa) were in my apartment between April 2010 and June 2010 when I fled for my safety in late June over events that required police officers. Lisa was once a law professor at JFK University and Greg my roommate was connected to her as her boyfriend. She's on the lease and what happened correlates directly to my PG&E project connected to the PG&E San Bruno Fire which based on persons and events near me was likely arson.

These officers were Captain Schultz, Sergeant Mike Chan (Crosby Court WCPD responder) and officer Gina Straddler who is a fine officer. Schultz began his interrogation with think you've attacked a city worker riding a lawn mower then stated the suspect looked just like me as he rattled off my homeless man attire, black cap designed to hide my uncut hair, blue shirt to keep me warm, black pants to hide the dirt and black shoes as that's all I had to wear.

Within minutes I was declared mentally ill that I was supposed to be on medication to which i responded how come I've appeared on CNN and PBS around the world but when I'm Walnut Creek I'm mentally ill? Fuck you Schultz - yes you can fuck yourself if you're reading this.

I wrote one of many letters to the FBI.

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