Open Letter: Feather River Hospital 5974 Pentz Road Paradise, CA 95969

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/16/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

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Kevin Erich
President & CEO
Feather River Hospital

Dear Mr. Erich, 

I am writing this open letter in regards to my sons and events that occurred at your hospital.  It appears that despite all my efforts with hard won court orders in Contra Costa County I cannot get medical information over the phone in regards to my sons.  

A little over a year ago I was given instructions on getting my name as the Non-Custodial Parent listed which required me to drive all the way to Paradise at an expense of over $1,000 to take off work and drive to Paradise.  The court orders are clear as day - that I have full legal rights to my sons with specific orders in regards to medical care.  Somehow my son had major surgery and I wasn't called, informed but worse is I can't get information on that surgery.  

In my open letter to the Paradise School District I've expressed my concerns about events that occurred on May 24th 2013 where they used the police to deflect my efforts to get records from the CUME files.  The court orders that were once on file there were deleted by staff.  In 2009 Judge McNellis who told the mother that the proper venue for custody is Contra Costa and removed them from the restraining orders filed in August 2009.  

My attorney during that hearing was Dax Craven who is married to the Daughter of James Greenan who is the head of the Contra Costa Bar  where I posted an open letter about the bars activities.  That letter alleges that the Bar has refused this resident services which is very true but this same bar is aware that my attorney was beaten in Walnut Creek and that my attorneys offices were burned down in Walnut Creek in 2001.  Where that leads is numerous other unsolved arson cases in Contra Costa County of which is my 2004 Truck fire that leads to Gregg's Muffler story.  

Last year I did all the steps to gain access to the medical files and doctors.  Now I've got to file court papers?  

Meet me in Court Tomorrow in Oroville and get the copies of the court orders.  i am the father that can't seem to get the paperwork right on.  I have the legal right be make all the informed decisions regarding my sons health care. I filed all the required forms.  I've had enough of hearing Hippa this and Hippa that as each trip exhausts my funds and I'm exhausted with all these trips.     

You've got to the get this right immediately plus not force me to take 200 mile trips to fix your mistakes.  I get the Child Support Bill just fine and even get arrested for it - so what's so hard about allowing the father to speak to his doctors.  


Pete Bennett 

Updating pending: 06-16-2013 at 5PM


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