Dax Craven 6111 Bollinger Canyon Rd Ste 500 San Ramon, CA 94583

Dear Mr. Craven, 

It has come to my attention that your brother in-law was killed on WB24 on April 18th 2012 in a tragic accident just like my near tragic arson accident.  I am sorry for your loss - the strange coincidence I think this was the same Nate that drummed for me at Vinnies but was nice guy.  

Of more concern was your father in-law who is James Steven Greenan who is head of the Contra Costa Bar Association which I've shared my concerns that this same Bar Association is deliberately refusing me access to the basic services available to other residents. 

It is also disturbing to learn that you submitted a withdrawal letter to the court but also were actively representing me.  With that I lost a critical Butte County Matter in September 2009 where you failed to appear thus losing the TRO Trial that I would have won.  Those temporary orders were used up at Paradise High School to prevent me from accessing my sons.  Apparently in Paradise they like to alter paperwork.  William had major surgery but I was never informed.  I guess you call that legal representation. 

It also is very much a concern that you had strong ties to members in the Alamo 1st Ward but failed to tell me you personally knew many members of that ward.  During a church meeting a member blurted out something that suggested our communications were breached.  

Over that last 24 months I've asked for the emails between us but specifically letters about Seeno which I shared which years later discover your father in-law firm or its members have represented Seeno on past matters.  I guess that explains why so many people have tried to kill me over the last ten years, they got Eric Nunn, Peter Branagh and a few others.  

You see Mr. Craven I've had so many attempts on my life that I simply don't care what nose I snub. 

This page link will be sent to the FBI as someone from the Alamo 1st Alamo is involved in my 2004 Arson fire and that's what is known as attempted murder.  

Call Greg at this web address and ask for the name of the mechanic who fixed my truck who actually witnessed the fire.  My opinion about the fire or arson.  


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