The Dead Seeno List - The Ultimate Witness Intimidation List

I've had enough as this weekend I discovered James Greenan son was Nathaniel Greenan who was killed in Orinda last year.  In another bizarre freeway accident.  Agencies in Contra Costa are not interested in solving certain cases.  

The Dead Seeno List - it's growing as when you see 25 years of fires that in many cases are arson you'll wonder but worse when you see the schools that were hit.  

 The dates are skewed deliberately for reasons I'll reveal later.  Please come after I've completed the database.  They keep taking my computers to thwart my research and running me off the road. I appear at the Walnut Creek City Hall clearly stating events.  I know some officers hands are tied but the ones that nearly pulled guns on me ... well that is too much and it happened with the Paradise Police in May.  I demanded to take my sons per court orders to the doctors - instead I'm met with a gauntlet of blue.  Then another agency tells me my son was in the hospital.  Where does it end Mr. Greenan head of the Contra Costa Bar Association?


05/13/13 Catherine Perata drowning -
04/13/13 John Sepalla - musician
04/13/13 Nate Greenan - Drummer and a good one
12/12/12 Real Estate Developer
10/12/13 Charles Silverman  - likely connected
07/12/13 Brett Olson - I am pretty sure he's part of the Olson Steel clan
07/12/13 Peter Branagh -an Eric Nunn type plane crash
05/12/13  Dino Ghilloti - nice guy about to take the reins of Ghilloti Brothers Construction
12/11/13 Witness Termination - Murder by Suicide - I know this lady 
11/12/13 Witness Termination - Covering a CNET Setup   A mortgage broker and CNET Connected divorce attorney
12/05/13 Witness Termination - falls down elevator shaft - Death By Coincidence  
07/11/13 Dan Daly- musician - there are others 
07/11/13 Homeless man
03/30/12 Homeless man beaten dies from injuries 
08/03/12 David Schafer - Motorcycle accident - I appeared later at CCC Council of Mayors - about 300 highly credible witnesses, State Senator, CCC BOS and Mayor Newell Arnerich - don't slamma the gavel on me ever again
12/09/13 Arson Murder Witness Intimidation
06/08/13 Eric Nunn candidate for office and Craig Wilson - BART officer LVNV
06/07/13 Name Withheld to protect a family
07/01/97 Margaret Lesher - Drowning
10/01/79 Arson Murder - intimidation to sell
10/01/79 Murder - intimidation to sell property


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