Attempted Hit and Run 1200 Block Walker Ave East Bay Parks Trail Crossing

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 09/28/2013

Walnut Creek CA: 2:15 AM 

This blogger has had enough as last night (2:15 AM) while walking home from downtown Walnut Creek a car raced by at perhaps 70 mph or better where Walker Ave becomes Mt. Diablo Blvd about the Iron Horse Trail in the very new and very done Crosswalk where Walnut Creek Intermediate, Indian Valley and Los Lomas High School children/kids traverse everyday.  All three schools are part of Mt. Diablo School District and this intersection is under the jurisdiction of the Walnut Creek Police.  

This time I was on the phone with 911 at exactly in Safeway at 1:59 arguing with a drunk about his belligerent attitude toward my friend who was checking.  He's always been nice to me and has even purchased a soda on occasion.  

Just after leaving the store he came at me but knowing he was carrying 12oz cans I took a defensive posture, he took a swing at me full blown punch but i just ducked and he missed but fell over on his face when his weight and stupor took him down.  Rule of the day never fight with sober in-shape old man.  

From there I walked toward home when at the trailway paths I was about to cross when the phone rang back with WCPD asking if everything was OK as I called a second time.  By then it was about 2:25 AM

While on the phone I am sure that this was recorded when a late 90s chevy Cavalier raced by - but this time I had four witnesses who were also at Safeway - they were screaming as I was about to enter the crosswalk but I paused at the curb due so as to finish the 911 dispatch call from 925-935-6400 but the other number 925-642-4295 which CHP dispatch Martinez.  

I would have been killed if the persons standing in line behind me hadn't been on alert minutes later I would have been dead or damn close to it.  It was a combination of them getting my attention as I entered the Crosswalk.  I am sure their screams (witnesses) can be heard on 911 who were behind in line at Safeway.  There will be no glare in the security cameras like when the Petitioner was beaten up in 2009.  

Read my Beat the Petitioner article and beat up the roommate to make sure Pete is Homeless.  

Over a year ago I filed a complaint with Hillside Covenant Church in Walnut Creek but the process of getting to their insurance company took six months.  I advised them repeatedly that deflecting the investigation when the allegations also include attempted murder charges.  

Nope just keep on fucking praying - read up.

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