Cameo Acres or Burnville? An analysis of fires near my former residence

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

Danville CA:  In review of my old neighborhood a disturbing suite of fires was occurring all around me, my sons and my life but right under my nose.  In 2004 my truck was rigged to burn me alive but when I started fact checking fires near me I discovered that this LITTLE neighborhood suffered quite a large number of fires. If there is an arsonist he lives in this neighborhood.  

191 Plaza Circle in Danville

You're welcome to search for yourself but this one lead started me thinking on whether or not they were arsons vs. random fires.  The fire at 161 Plaza Circle had children roughly the same ages as my sons.  The family appears to have come unraveled and divorced which means they didn't attend church.

The unique part here is the structire to west burned in 2003 and I was living there when that one occurred but there was another one in 1980s that killed a father, another across the street, and apparently a few more but a conversation with a former Danville Real Estate agents suggested that San Ramon Fireman were stealing property as she alleged they stole a 25K diamond ring, and I alleged they stole my coin collection in 2004 during one of their tactical maneuvers that Chris Butler ran on me.  

 In 2010 when I fled the area from retired SFPD Lt. David Oberhoffer leaving behind over 50,000 in software licenses, over $500,000 in losses related to development, and 50K in systems.  

The CNET incidents play heavily on what I've gone through but they are in Federal Prison - their big mistake selling Crack Back To The Streets - The Business Model 

Read this open investigation on Marciel Road with San Ramon Fire.  They say as 09/2013 this investigation is still open and I'd say what about my 2004 arson fire?  

The balance of this will be found as below:


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