Tanabe is getting off easy

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons
Perhaps we should take pause as a bigger fish is coming up the ladder.  Albert has screwed over so many contractors, customers but his worst mistake was f__king me over, lets Delta Pacific Bank 1985, that contractor found floating in the delta in the early 80s who ripped out the foundations, or perhaps me your database programmer when Tanabe, Wielsch, Butler and others all managed to push me to the edge gave the database to the FBI.  That includes the bonding agency who seems to have most of the probate bonding business locked down.  
I suppose that's why the former Head of the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad back in 2011 was so interested in my PGE database on the San Bruno Fire, or that Walnut Creek PD officer Burns was dying to know what I told the FBI.  The genie has been out of the bottle for years as unknown to me my divorce Attorney Dax Craven was passing my confidential documents to his father in-law James Greenan who knows Supervisor Anderson.  Just in case you didn't know it Greenans firm defended Seeno for 30 years.  

SEENO and ALAMO 1st Mormons 
What you will begin to notice is there are no more Murder Suicides connected to Divorce - these disastrous Contra Costa County Divorces.  Gulob can longer pull in divorce cases into his court, the family Destruction center is now peaceful down to just 6 armed deputies protecting the peace instead ten.  The screwing and flogging your assets but now the Probate Court is next as it the Contra Costa Bar Association as you have to realize it's a club at the Bar, Churches and Courts. 

On November 1st 2011 I gave Chief Bryden documents linking CNET officers to WCPD, he said he was the FBI contact for CNET - he was not, he was lying and two weeks after our July 6th 2011 conversation my car was totaled by a retired SFPD Lieutenant who once showed me pictures of the Piedmont Fire when only 20 people were standing there.  Trust me First Alarm images are real  hard to get.  

The arsonist is still living among us, the killed of Vitale likely fell to his death as after all he was one of the few links connecting Butler to other crimes.  
I know, met, talked or worked with every person in the list.  The elected officials are one degree of separation between me and this story.  If I were an elected official in any city I'd head my warnings while this story unfold.  Watch your six as someone is taking out witnesses and public officials as Gary Bell, Mike Shimansky, Bill Pollecek, Federal Glover, myself plus my former co-worker cannot all have come down with near fatal or fatal bacterial infections.  The one other survivor I know of has vanished.  He was poisoned when he was arrested by Wielsch in 2006 and spent three days in the jail infirmary vomiting his guts up like I spent back in 2005.  

NO ONE BELIEVED BUT fatal Spinal Meningitis is 3 per 100,000.  I know of seven but if you add in Docs. Pharmacy it would 4 more fatal plus 16 near fatal.  There isn't a statistic like that anywhere in the world nor do you we have anything like Piedmont or San Bruno Fire which based on what I've gathered is a domestic terrorism for economic gain.  PG&E is clueless about how this may have occurred but if they want my theory they can pay me the money their vendor owes. 


Arson Murder - Magalia / Paradise CA

You guys ran me off the road, you poisoned me in 2003 to 2006 when I finally got smart about the medical, at this point I wouldn't put it past you that you're responsible for the deaths of Eric Nunn, Peter Branagh, Catherine Perata, Dino Ghilloti, Public Officials Gary Bell, Mike Shimansky, Bill Pollecek, Michael Taugher, Peter Haas, Loretta Hale, Roma Bhatia, Anthony Banta Jr., Cynthia Kempf, Lester Garnier, Tiny Bynum, Timothy Mitchell, Gary Vinson Collins, Ian Lotta Scott, Dimetire Mantas, Michelle Celebrini, Paul Starzcyk (MPD), Sandoval, and others.
Another thing you'll notice soon is the Jury Awards will be rising to be comparable with other counties as the Jury Selection process was slanted with little old ladies from local churches.  It's finally diversified and if you still think Scott Dyleski is guilty think again.  Gary Collins who nearly killed me in 2004 was once a Danville building inspector.  He had blond hair, was on job sites all over, was 6'2" or better, knows Tanabe, Butler, Lombardi, and Wielsch. 

My losses and my counter efforts may have saved your family from CNET   My losses are staggering, I've appeared twice at the WC City Hall nothing, I've written agencies for over 10 years, you have a well organized militia in the area running all kinds of scams, insurance, murder via arson, murder by bacteria, and then there are the homeless targets that drown in two feet of water, get run over by trains, hit by cars and found dead on the freeways.  
It's no longer a coincidence - it's murder but it takes an investigation to identify the suspects who are not willing to investigate themselves.

Det Eric Collins collected all the evidence at the Vital Murder scene.  There is blonde hair in the blood and DNA from an untested subject.  Last time I saw Gary his blonde hair was dyed black.

Declan you're truly lucky they didn't come back to kill you.  They nearly burned me alive in 2004 on 680, feel free to call CHP HQ to speak with Chief 

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