Horhay For Foray!

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 09/27/2013

In early June 2013 I discovered that Nate Greenan was killed on April 18th 2012 on WB 24 Lafayette CA which was two weeks after John Newman was murdered on Concord CA on Monument Blvd but over year later I discovered Nate the drummer from Vinnies was Nate the son of James Greenan.  

My ex-wife apparently appeared in Family Law with my counsel Dax Craven who is married to Lorraine Greenan - whats the big deal.  Perhaps my attorney should have told me his wife has known my ex since she could likely remember and even better when Mr. Craven was well aware that persons were trying to harm me he should told me his father in-law represented the Seeno Construction and Contra Costa County. 

There is no question my 2004 assault case and subsequent lawsuit in 2006 would have proceeded forward but it was clear that CNET Officers connected to the California Department of Justice who use Foray's product just happened to represented by Greenan, Peffer and Sally who also esteemed members of the Contra Costa County Bar Association who apparently on numerous occasions refused to help me find counsel.

Read this and weep for the families of Navy Yard Shooters.  I was apprehensive to send to this to this San Francisco FBI which I did in June 2013 but now I'm not. 

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
*New York
*San Francisco
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)Federal Bureau of Investigation Training Academy (FBI)
IRS National Crime Lab - Chicago
Naval Criminal Investigative Service
United States Army Corps of Engineers
*Washington D.C.
United States Department of Justice (DOJ)

In this Reuters article it clearly says that NCIS is in charge

On the State Page of Forays Customer List.  

Alaska State Crime LabArkansas State Crime LabCalifornia Department of Justice

Colorado Bureau of InvestigationConnecticut State Police - Dept. of Public Safety
Delaware State Police
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
*Daytona Beach
*Fort Myers
*Key West
Idaho State Police
Illinois State Police
*Metro East
Indiana State Police
Maryland State Police
Massachusetts Department of State Police(*MASP)
*Agawam - (MASP)
*Boston Police Department - (MASP)
*Bourne - (MASP)
*Danvers Police Department - (MASP)
*Devens - (MASP)
*Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Massachusetts - (MASP)
*Middleboro - (MASP)
*Springfield Police Department - (MASP)
*Sudbury - (MASP)
Michigan State Police
*Grand Rapids
*Sterling Heights

I will post the letter 
Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
*St. Paul
Mississippi State Crime LabMontana State Crime Lab
New Hampshire State PoliceNew York Division of Criminal Justice Services
New York State Police Department
North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
Ohio Bureau of Identification & Investigations
*Bowling Green
Ohio State Fire MarshalOregon State Police
*Central Pointe
Pennsylvania State Police
South Carolina Division of Law Enforcement
South Dakota State Crime LabTennessee Bureau of Investigation
Texas Department of Public Safety
Washington State Patrol
West Virginia State Police
Wyoming State Crime Lab


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