Walnut Creek Targeted Person

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

I wanted to post this map so that Walnut Creek City Council, The San Francisco FBI, The State Investigators and Walnut Creek Police might perhaps wonder how a person who walks everywhere, keeps to himself could possibly have his roommate attacked, beaten, a friend killed by police, had his truck towed, brakes vandalized, friend murdered (John Newman) the night he was in jail, had his attorney beaten in Walnut Creek, his other attorney offices burned down (FBI SA Ken K investigated in 2001), knows numerous homeless run over by cars, suspect his attorneys brother in-law (Nate Greenan), or his bouncer @ Round Up killed 20 minutes after they spoke, only to be killed right on top of Nate, or that his car was totaled in Lafayette in 2011.  

In fact it was Lt. Hill of the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad that knows the CNET Squad, the Bomb Squad, Chances are he knows Eric Bergen who was the Pittsburg Cop that murdered Cynthia Kempf in 1998 and there is another cold-case in Walnut Creek, actually there are two but they named suspects who are likely dead.  Just a hunch. 

You got my family but you're not going to kill my sons - 

The PG&E San Bruno Fire was not just an accident - it was hit with explosives or it was arson of opportunity, there is a thrill kill team that I suspect is connected to Hunsacker Canyon Road, and Castlewood and there is an image of sword online in the hands of someone that is now dead that knows the people stalking me.  

Stolen Laptop ~ Last summer someone took my laptop from Safeway at 9:00AM, trust me I was upset and left the area I was quite mad, then I get a call from Officer Kolhmiester who says it's been recovered! Wow I never got a police report, and never got a good idea where it was.  

Achilles Heel
Oh Oh Here She Comes, She's A Man Eater (Google)
To learn more about why this data is so important I'm about to move portions of this blog to my site.  

Search Pete Bennett

I know where they work, their schools and their families (the suspects).  When someone gets close to their game they simply kill them.  They've hacked security cameras where needed specifically Walnut Creek McDonalds and Safeway. 

Perfect Example:  On 09/28/2013 I made purchases at Safeway with my last $2 of cash at 2:00 AM, then got in a minor scuffle with a drunk at Safeway who was being belligerent with the clerk which then spilled outside.  This time I called 911 who heard a car fly by me at 60 through the intersection (oops-Crosswalk) but like many incidents about 30 minutes of arriving at Safeway someone tries to run me over as I walk home.  

And you want me to believe after last years Safeway Parking Lot incident that there is not a connection between using my Safeway Stalking Card as this month I decided to let my EBT card go regardless and just find food.  

I informed Safeway Via Email - from my experience as a database programmer that its theoretically possible that one of several scenarios exist, A) The cards have been breached and the system is being used to steal from unsuspecting customers, B) Given the recent announcement of a potential takeover could be in play requiring the deadly deal killing poison pill tactic of deluding the stock by printing some paper (Poke at the U.S. Treasury) or this is good ole harrassment by persons from within the Walnut Creek Police Department that have something big to hide like Benny Chetcuti Teflon Investments - as in give to me (25 M) but don't expect the money to stick around.  

  1. Plans to disrupt the success of their card program by making a card carrying members like myself a Targeted Persons Social Networking fiasco.   
  2. The number of suicides, murders, or shootings within a tight statistical pattern similar to stalking me is far too near their stores to be a coincidence is alarming  
  3. The Banta, Nordstroms, Treat Blvd, Kaiser WC (2) and there are the fires e.g. Piedmont, La Virage, Happy Nails, Cigarettes Cheaper, believe it not the many fires in Danville near my old neighborhood in Danville known as Cameo Acres but two perfectly timed is hard to ignore.  When you have two total (or near total) losses side by side the begs for asking.  Did anyone notice these other fires and perhaps recategorizing my 2004 fire as arson that originated in Cameo Acres but more important why didn't my fire appear on the books. 



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