St. Anthony's Fire ► Are We Eating Something

"St. Anthony's Fire"  One possible method or tactic -  This victim is speaking up 

"St. Anthony's Fire"  This may get the attention of some but this past December I recently encountered someone who was hallucinating, out of control, building  into a rage.  

This is beyond my expertise but a local anesthesiologist  suggested as "Ergot" as an alternative to a chemistry connected source such as bath salts which is present in every county in the country.   

The random pattern across the county suggests this could in the "food chain" or someone with an expertise of deception.  As as a diabetic person I know what happens when my blood sugar is out of whack.  

This malady has been known for centuries but after reading up I could so how limbs and extremities would be  affected but as a reminder fifty years diabetic related amputations were common site.  We may act immortal but we are not.  

Apparatus Tactic - Disrupting targets medically
This could be a source of what nearly killed me in 2005 but testing revealed nothing but my geographic re-location probably saved my life but that didn't stop the Apparatus 

Danville CA (via phone): In June 2009 I filed a police report with Officer Paul Murphy who laughed at my allegations.  My dinner with Supervisor Federal Glover in April 2009 who shared his medical challenges. What I didn't share back was that I was supposed to meet Eric Nunn - candidate for office the following Wednesday after his fatal crash in June 2008.  The Contra Costa Times has the only copies of emails exchanged as when my offices were targeted in 2010 I abandoned my equipment which was sold at Auction at Walnut Creek Storage sometime in December 2010.  Don't know when I left which again probably saved my life.  

I vetted my findings with an FBI Agent in parallel after concluding that it was possible that Supervisor Glover and I were deliberately given something that would slip by standard toxicological testing or perhaps someone with the right expertise such as a Criminalist or in my case the former head of the scandal laden SF Crime Lab.  But that was June 2009 and by August 2009 someone extremely well liked came down with a bacterial infection and passed but that's what happened to a former co-worker in Walnut Creek and to the daughter of a mom that once lived just off Stone Valley Road Alamo but I have another former Danville resident who was knocked out with GHB but noticed a puncture wound in her back.  Days later she was in the CCU at CCCRMC a record that Dr. Walker wants to and should review.  Mine was ingested her's was injected but the results are the same.  

So Murphy just in case the cat got your tongue I suspect the FBI has been monitoring your phones and cell phones for longer than you'd suspect. In 2001 I wrote for Contra Costa County the telephone billing system where I learned all the undercover numbers, how they were masked by AT&T.  Knowing I suspected I was an Arson Victim I started calling about the Eiko Sugihara arson/muder fire but I know this number leads to the  Coroners Office I've called enough times to know they aren't interested in solving that murder.  

This will help everyone understand how the state already knows more than the county knows they know - Oops! 
About the Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division

I have no money only words and yes I am broke as the Apparatus has made sure I'm economically neutralized.  

Apparently the Contra Costa Apparatus goes a little deeper than you were told.  Take a close look at how a chess board works, there are Pawns, Castles, Knights, Bishops, Queens, and Kings but I can assure you that we're all on a chess board. 

"Vanna - False Police Reports for $1000 please" 

Wikipedia Resources

An ergot kernel called a sclerotium develops when a spore of fungal species of the genus Claviceps infects a floret of flowering grass or cereal. The infection process mimics a pollen grain growing into an ovary during fertilization. Infection requires that the fungal spore have access to the stigma, so plants infected by Claviceps are mainly outcrossing species with open flowers, such as rye (Secale cereale) and ryegrasses (genus Lolium). The proliferating fungal mycelium then destroys the plant ovary and connects with the vascular bundle originally intended for seed nutrition. The first stage of ergot infection manifests itself as a white soft tissue (known as sphacelia) producing sugary honeydew, which often drops out of the infected grass florets. This honeydew contains millions of asexual spores (conidia), which insects disperse to other florets. Later, the sphacelia convert into a hard dry sclerotium inside the husk of the floret. At this stage, alkaloids and lipids accumulate in the sclerotium.


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