Arson► Piedmont Lumber Fire

These pictures or some very close to these pictures belong to a Former SFPD Officer.  When he showed them to me in June 2010 it looked fishy.  When the La Virage happened it looked fishy, when the nail salon was torched it looked fishy, when I discovered the church down the street from this persons house burned and all the other fires near the trail they all looked fishy.

The truth is not being told but when San Ramon Fire and CHP couldn't find records on 2004 arson fire - I started digging for more fires.

There are plenty, along with plane crashes, accidents and incidents.  There are so many I've decided to create a sim-world of make believe agencies.

I'm pretty confident that a repair shop in Lafayette who fixed my truck knows something and what they know will lead to CNET, other officers, Contra Costa Sherriff's office and possibly elsewhere.  Something is wrong when you paid record keepers can't find the records and more wrong when one of these accidents (hit and Run Swoop) nearly flipped your truck that also contained your sons.  That accident was south of Alcosta on 680.

Please call the agencies and ask them who was killed or crashed in 1990s Honda on a Sunday early 2005.  It might take some work but I believe that accident, that driver is related to my others which could help solve the Piedmont Lumber Fire.

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