Clients and friends dying► I'm next ► thank you ►Walnut Creek Police you fucking rock!

In Early July 2010 an attorney appeared via a source that was in transition from the Contra Costa County Public Defenders Office to private practice.  The rate was extremely good for this was the work of the master manipulators emanating from San Francisco Police Department.  This was the work of former Lt. David Oberhoffer, then former Chief of Police of McFarland Ca where he was fired days before he ran me off the road.  All of this may seem crazy but Oberhoffer has been a constant problem for many years.

The Pleasant Hill Police Department and Town Council were so good, worked so hard, spent so much effort that this same retired cop who lives just up the street from Pleasant Hill Elementary School where another "device" was found and apparently where another arson fire occurred 15 years ago.

I'm highly impressed with these public officials who've done nothing but stand by while persons connected to their agencies are allowed to freely target my business, run me of the road and probably burn down Piedmont Lumber.

The attorney was Ms. Johanna Kwasniewski's took my entire divorce file, all the medical records on my sons, their doctors and all of the correspondence between prior attorneys. She has since refused to return calls or provide copies of the file as required by the State Bar.

Johanna Marie Kwasniewski - #268474

Summer 2010 
In 2010 Johanna Kwasniewski's arrived at my office at 1923a Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill CA, just down from where my former Karaoke DJ and friend Ian Lota Scott the beloved Karaoke DJ once worked until his passing.  His family would show every Friday at local dive bar with tasteless food that we swaggered down with tasteless beer.

That dive bar also contained a now terminated Walnut Creek Police Officer who told me "Shut the fuck up P___ or I'll drop you now" which occurred in Virginia Hills Shopping Center during summer 2012.  It's quite common that former officers like my former Danville Neighbor Stephen Tanabe to threaten me.    

What's sort of amazing is Ian died suddenly in Las Vegas of an asthma attack but before I was forced out of my offices - Ian's mother Izetta a former Solano County formerly employed in the Solano County's DA's office each weekly on my extremely bizarre legal issues but she was very concerned why my attorney was beat up in Walnut Creek back in 2006. 

My concerns then was getting custody of my sons who were once targeted when someone tried to run us into the median back 04/05 down in Dublin but given the size of the Apparatus I stand little chance of getting the Fire Department or CHP to peel the covers on an accident that almost killed my young sons.

I've come to accept my fate that I'll be killed as over at the Walnut Creek Safeway according Lt. Gorski it's OK for Hillside Covenant Church members to be allowed to attempt to run me over residents at Safeway's 500 S. Broadway Walnut Creek CA.

Given what's happened to the homeless men near Traders Joes at S. California Blvd. Walnut Creek who live under the bridge are being run over but it's even more OK for Lt. Schutlz to immediately label me 5150 so he could use the hand on his gun for more than a resting place.

The City Attorney's office for Walnut Creek has known about my plight for many years.  I just leave there and within weeks something happens again.  Come on folks I appeared in front of the city council on November 1st 2011 and within five weeks my Loretta Hale a mom who's son went to school with mine rolled down Mt. Diablo, then a mom who had kids in Pack 26 Danville, then we have Roma Bhatia who was found deceased on 680 whose husband is represented by the same attorney whose name was discussed in a meeting with City Manager Ken Nordoff and Chief Bryden then Gary Collins who's police report for the first time ever released to anyone but my counsel - Sage Sepahi who was beaten up in Walnut Creek in a basketball game where other police officers were present (off duty) but no arrest.

Perhaps this resident has seen enough and perhaps I've asked too many questions and perhaps someone or group or something I'm now the calling "The Apparatus" - a large blobulous thing with tentacles attached to the Golden Hand Of Contra Costa - buck it and you're dead.


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