Unfortunate Victims - Statistical Anomaly or Tactical Plan?

Unfortunate Victims - Statistical Anomaly or Tactical Plan?

In 2005 I nearly died from a bacterial infection but my allegations I'd suspected I was poisoned.  The how and why was suspicious.   The subsequent victims below closely fit my targeting profile I've developed.  When you understand the underlying motivations chances are you may try to argue or debate conclusions but the connotations suggest there a corundum is present.

Using a peer group modeling technique where we'll seeking comparative counties.  One critical is wealth and where it's concentrated weighs heavily within the Peer Group Study.  A core limitation is empirical data, medical reports and first person observations but perhaps this analysis will galvanize the Dr. Walker to first review my medical reports, interview ER Staff, review their Cell Phones records, emails and friends list.  The well used adage "the Turtle gets the worm" in my case "You can blow up my truck, beat me, poison me and try to run me over in the Walnut Creek Safeway Parking Lot but I'm going to use words over swords"

Why is my opinion so strong?  They rolled me over next to another person who was suffering with intestinal issues but they didn't know was I knew who she was and I've looking for her - she's gone.

November 6th, 2012
Gary Bell
August 2009
Danville Councilman Michael Shimansky
une 2008
Eric Nunn  - Was he impaired?

Supervisor Federal Glover Sept 2007
Nearly succumbs to bacterial infection - non specific but near fatal

Pete B. November 2005
Nearly Succumbs to bacterial infection with 105 fever, severe vomiting and worse.  It was a close call as the ER doctors stated I was either septic or had septicemia.

I have found others but a vast number are divorcees or moms.  

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