01-29-2013 Homeless and Defenseless Tailed Daily could you perhaps buy me lunch?

January 29th 2013

Walnut Creek CA:  For nearly two years I'm followed everywhere in Walnut Creek - the tails are from more than one agency but you guys do you realize that I'm really hungry and need food.  My sons need clothes and no one from the City of Walnut Creek, Danville or anyone for that matter are offering up a solution.

This Truck Is Very Important  -
the Judge knows this truck, knows
persons connected to my 2004 Arson Fire.
Most Important he should have reported what he knew! 
My sons attend the same school that Anthony Banta Jr. attended and graduated from.  I am personally at my lowest but hanging in there but a few weeks back I was attacked and beaten in Oroville by seven people. Back to the Hospital I went.

My Ford Explorer was towed away, my other car was totaled and my only decent contract with PGE turned sideways when my car was totaled.  PGE Attorneys aren't real happy with their vendor, they are not happy with this high performance engineer who was in my office standing next to the cop that took these pictures.

Can you help as you've got the Federal Express Card.

Arson, Arson, Arson  
I am really tired of starting over - my guitar was taken with the truck which provided walking money.  Now clothes gone and even my brothers won't respond.

One lives in Moraga and the other in Salt Lake City.  The attorney that drew up the will created a trust document that was probably a forgery but I've been told by Lt. Gorski that I'd never get a case through and in 2006 I tried to get Officer Rabonowitz to start an investigation who refused and when the incident occurred in the Farmers Market on October 30th 2011 0 he refused to act which is why I went to the City Managers Office.


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