Stolen Krugerrands ►Theft of $40,000 in Gold Coins - did you see the news article?

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Stolen Krugerrand collection vanished - between 15 and 18 coins -  

We have a Alamo Fireman arrested for stealing property,
We have Tanabe, Butler, Wielsch and Lombardi in jail.

Lombardi: pulled me over waived his six shooter at me
Butler:  Arrived days after this man nearly killed me
Wielsch: Saw him sitting at Scott's Seafood smokin' a stogie
Tanabe: Nice guy who threatened me in Family Law

Fact: Butler and Company selling property stolen from citizens
 Butler, Wielsch and probably Tanabe were selling stolen items on Ebay.

Did anyone at 500 La Gonda Way Danville see a stack of Silver Morgans or Gold Bullions or perhaps you know Butlers Ebay account handle? 

Give me a break folks as this happened in 2011

  • On June 23rd an Associate Attorney (Lisa) of a Danville Law Firm who is connected to the Danville Town Council was in my apartment at 140 Crosby Court  #1 Walnut Creek - the police were called which required an ambulance.  Sgt. Mike Chan and Gina (a fine officer) responded. 
  • Within days I'm exiting as my roommate didn't get it - an unknown person was there painting the apartment.  
  • I moved out with the help of Hillside Covenant Church Members to Motel 6 - the cop tornado starts up again. My sons and I notice a patrol car every few hours.  We're in the front being very visible.  
  • On July 4th I'm talking Danville Councilman Newell Arnerich -witnessed by a Danville Police Officer clearly informing him that Chris Butler, Tanabe, Wielsch were the same people in my letters back in 2004
  • I spoke with a member of Alamo 2st Ward who wasn't interested in seeing how much my sons have grown - he was more worried about the connections I'd pieced together. 
  • On July 5th I was talking to Walnut Creek Police on how their former officer surfaced being connected to that law firm and Chris Butler
  • After July 6th I was talking to the Chief who told me to call DA Investigator Daryl Jackson as he was handling the FBI investigation - yea it took ten calls to reach this asshole then three weeks later my car is totaled by a cop. Jackson is being sued in the Tanabe my former neigbhor in Danville. I am seriously concerned that Tanabe was behind my arson fire and my near fatal medical as the wife of one of deceased friends say's she was poisoned.  
  • On July 7th I was arrested in Walnut Creek on my way up to Hillside Covenant Church
  • On July 8th my laptop was breached with 200,000 pages of the entire PGE pipeline fire.  I believe the breach is a risk to National Security as they are friends with persons near the San Bruno Fire 
  • On July 10th a homeless man was run over in Walnut Creek in front of Trader Joes was run over, my arrest occurred on on July 7th and Hillside members took my laptop and car.  Months later I'm reporting what they did to Facebook but they also hacked 200,000 pages of critical pipeline data from PGE worth millions.  
  • A detective followed me from the McDonalds Walnut Creek 
  • On July 17th a Hillside Covenant Church members informs me that my Facebook account was hacked and semed to be razor accurate about when and what happened.  
  • On July 20th I'm heading the Round Up to sign Karaoke - See Blinded By The Cop but even though I've named suspects no investigation exists
  • On August 5th I was asleep in front to the Walnut Creek Library when a city worker riding a lawn mower began encircling me - my blood sugar was high, dead tired from sleeping one last night in my car - I sold my car for $350 for scrap as due the damages was so severe the car was junked. The next thing that happens should be a concern for the library patrons - Walnut Creek Officers corralled me and began baseless accusations that I'd attacked a city worker.  A tactic used on me  
  • Months later I discovered that the Keith Lynds who at the time was the Youth Director or Hillside Covenant Church was still communicating with my sons while refusing to communicate with me over my allegations that he something to do with car being totaled.  The claim with Hillside was rejected in October 2012, weeks later I discovered Tony Collins was the associate pastor, then weeks later Gary Collins who tried to kill me in 2004 was died from a fall on Dec 19th 2011, weeks after Loretta Hale and Roma Bhatia both local real estate agents in the same region that my former client Chris Spence died in 2007. 
  • Per my notification Lynds Facebook accounts were terminated 
  • For reference Hillside Covenant Church other youth director attempted to run me over in days before my June 2012 hearing in Butte County

Why so much detail - it's put them on notice that I've been keeping track of every little detail but the details are stored online that will surface if I don't check in which my words over swords model.  They are more afraid of my words than I'm afraid of their swords. If you're truck blew-up or if you're sons nearly careened into the median but you like me lacked resources - you'd probably narrow your options to a blog and wait for the next sunrise.  

I am pretty sure that my 2011 Hit and Run accident is connected to conversations with the Walnut Creek Police, Hillside Members and Criminalist Eric Collins who I'm going to talk about via the Scott Dyleksi case.  

There I was on Public Property facing Walnut Creek Officers who each had significant advantages over me, they were armed, they had radios, were cunning in nature, known for shooting and killing suspects.  Experts in the Apparatus and operators of the Chess Board where this one human pawn learned to much and was being targeted for extermination.  

When Captain Shultz asked me if I was supposed to be taking medication I asked him why?  He said that I appeared mentally unstable and suggested I was dangerous to myself and others.  I responded what does this alleged suspect look like that allegedly attacked a city worker riding a lawn mower - but also why the fuck does a Captain, Sergeant and Detective respond to allegations that a homeless man asleep in the warm summer who went to great lengths to avoid contact with anyone suddenly become a suspect? 

He said their suspect was wearing black cap, dark shirt, black pants and shoes. I said wow, that looks just like me - that's amazing but I said how come when I'm in San Francisco I appear on CNN or PBS discussing job losses to millions but I come to Walnut Creek and suddenly I'm 5150.  Perhaps you need glasses but perhaps check with HR as I'm walk in Walnut Creek as person who has civil rights and not to be falsely accused at random by rouge officers.  

My next comment was "That's total bullshit as that's what you said to Alicia K. when you shot her husband dead in 2000" then said to him "fuck off and leave me alone"  Personally I think the detective would have used his weapon on Schultz if he used his weapon on me. It was that dicey and totally unwarranted accusation but aligned with all the other CNET crap including when someone blew my truck up in 2004.  

This is how Contra Costa Law Enforcement uses your tax dollars.  

Gold bullion coin minted by the Republic of South Africa which comes in one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and one-tenth-ounce sizes. Kruggerands usually sell for slightly more than the current value of their gold content. Kruggerands, which had been the dominant gold coin in the world, were banned from being imported into the United States in 1985 because of the South African government's policy of apartheid. The ban was lifted on July 10, 1991. Other gold coins traded in addition to the Kruggerand include the United States Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Mexican Peso, Austrian Philharmonic, and Australian Kangaroo.


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