PGE ►: San Bruno Fire - Arson or Accident

Date: February 5th 2013
Walnut Creek CA

Event: Meeting at 1923a Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill CA
Purpose: Review document management project connecting documents to litigation simple project
Date: First or Second Saturday after the San Bruno fire

Parties present: A PGE Employee that was a pipeline specialist

A retired SFPD Lt who appeared about 20 minutes into the meeting and once showed me pictures of the Piedmont Lumber Fire.  Interesting fact was the PGE never revealed he worked for PGE.  Then about eight months later I'm recruited to work on the PGE Hydrotest project.  When I was arrested in Walnut Creek for a child support charge my laptop was taken by several members of Hillside Covenant Church which was my destination that evening, I get our of jail, return to Motel six as I moved out of my apartment because of events created by a divorce attorney thats work for a former Walnut Creek Police Officer who once ran the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad and is friends with the Doyles one of which is Councilman Mike Doyle.  

In the coming weeks I will be talking about this fire and my connection to a person I believe is an arsonist.  The blog has grown quickly and admittedly at times disorganized but I can only do so much while in my opinion stay alive.  Read through the blog and you'll quickly get it.

There are several core incidents that have led to my conclusion that will force this into a fresh debate. We have way too many fires near a core area that I've tracked. 

KML files coming as soon as I can get my database completed but I was mugged in Oroville last month - now I'm ill again with intestinal related infection running constant fever for days.


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