Contra Costa Bar: The Letter

Unlimited Calling US/Canada $14.95/mo.To Whom it May Concern:

This letter is a general complaint about the legal community in Contra Costa County and the general feeling that I’m red-lined but i guess I'm lucky as James Greenan son was sacrificed to protect Seeno.  This is not some joke as in 2004 these same people are behind the 2004 Truck Fire that is just like other arson fires.  

Back September 2004 I was nearly beaten to death by Gary Collins who is now deceased weeks after he was linked to the CNET scandal with documents directly linking him to Danville Officers.
On July 20th 2011 my car was pushed into oncoming traffic by a retired San Francisco Police Officer which was a direct attempt on my life. After that accident I was forced to review numerous events where I’ve concluded I'm targeted by police officers, CNET, CCSO and others because I went to the FBI.

Last year deputies tried to make sure I didn't live through the jail event but when I got out of jail I discovered someone near me was murdered and my brakes were sabotaged.  Then there are several real estate agents now deceased under suspicious circumstances. 

I have potential claims against nearly every city that managed or supplied police officers to CNET. In the coming weeks you will learn what happened with more than officer from Walnut Creek connected to my story and the reason Chief Bryden suddenly retired is connected to my story. I’m waiting for the next hand to fall on Seeno as well as I know better than most how deep it goes.
Is possible for me to find an attorney that won’t waste my time by gleaning information about the case then telling me he cannot handle my case. When I tell them that my attorney was beaten up and left the area, that my other attorney Don Moats offices were torched which I cannot confirm but know it happened.

I’ve been poisoned, my businesses attacked, been beaten numerous times, threatened, had a $40,000 coin collection stolen by officer Lombardi in 2004 which is why the US Attorney put that amount in the plea deal.

I need an attorney that is not afraid to sue to the county or cities. The state police are investigating several recent incidents.
If you cannot help me then I’m suspecting with good cause that your attorneys have all been warned off – that means I will send a letter to the US Attorney’s office detailing that victims cases are being derailed deliberately by a mysterious secretive council that operates in the back ground.

I've lost my family, my truck was blown up on 2004, poisoned in 2005, my clients have been threatened and the continuous abuse rolls on.  The reason I turned to the SF trial lawyers in 2004 was the Contra Costa Bar and attorneys in the area would not sue Danville or Collins.   

I am owed at least 50K by PGE and believe that they defrauded me in their attempt ti undercover their attempt to find an arsonist.  I know who the arsonist is for the Piedmont Lumber Fire as he’s connected to the same people that torched my truck.

Additionally these same people likely are behind more than one murder and more than one accident.

You either have attorneys or you don’t. I’ve lost millions going back 25 years and the players behind those losses are obviously unwilling to give up.

Let me know what you can as my causes of action are 
  • Personal Injury
  • Fraud
  • Abuse Of Authority of Color of Law
  • Civil Rights violation 
  • Legal Malpractice 
  • Arson
  • RICO 
  • Actions against numerous cities
A few months back an attorney representing cities told me that I should leave the area as I have no case.  I found that odd but I've long suspected that counsel has been colluding to affect the outcome of cases throughout the court system.   

I will not leave and you cannot find an attorney then I suggest you explain why a county full of attorneys cannot represent one citizen.  

Pete Bennett 

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