The H1b Visa and the CHP Officer Youngstrom Fatal Shooting

Posted July 31st 2013


This page and others will detail my position on how the H1b visa resulted in the shooting death of Officer Kenyon Youngstrom.  I was once afforded the pleasure of meeting him at the Walnut Creek Starbucks at in early 2012 when he and his partner sat down next to me more than once.  We had a chance to talk just once when they took the table next to me.

During that brief meeting we casually chatted about life and Youngstrom was rather funny, very likable and was down to earth.  What they did not know was my research on Contra Costa County events which has become the framework of this blog.  There were three separate visits where we crossed paths but my personal situation because this former well paid american programmer was homeless and living his Ford Explorer that was towed away days after another tragedy, the Anthony Banta Jr. shooting.

Most programmers when reading this article by Matthias Gafni might ponder why he was traveling between jobs daily.  Programmers interview a few times, get hired, go to work where they often spend weeks reading code, documentation and have meetings about objectives before touching the code.

The quote from Mindsource was he was a fantastic programmer is flawed as it reeks that Lacey was another Fake Interview Victim.  I know as I've been contacted by Mindsource but also don't believe a word from their recruiters.  I've also got Chris Lacey's linked-in profile and from my experience can see his is skills appear solid and I would be the papers in his backpack were bills or the letter from Mindsource woudl he burned his precious cash driving from Corning CA to San Jose CA.

Please take a moment to read my comments on being stalked in Walnut Creek CA where I was followed near relentlessly for two years.  In one of those events the stalkers took pictures of Youngstrom but I reported the stalking to Walnut Creek Police but read this posting about how they handle attempted murders which is why I stood up in front of the city council which is probably why

The hidden message here: They found Lacey from the internet but they state they have a rich source professionals.

"We found him on a job board through a mailing list," Meza said of Lacy's hiring. "It's just very strange. This can happen to anybody."

Additionally when you read their self-fulfilling comments about how they source it's obvious to me that Mindsource was seeking someone to interview for an H1B Visa re-certification interview.   Please read the The H1B Fake Interview  to learn more about this process.  The H1b visa constitutes about 3 million positions taken by foreign tech workers at a 20% discount or better.

Christopher Lacy started software job 7 days before CHP shooting

By Matthias Gafni
Contra Costa Times
POSTED:   09/12/2012 10:20:37 AM PDT | UPDATED:   11 MONTHS AGO

This undated photo released by the California Highway Patrol shows Officer Kenyon Youngstrom....

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MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Christopher Lacy, just days into his new job as a senior software engineer, was on his way to a Sunnyvale client on Sept. 4, the day he shot and killed a California Highway Patrol officer without warning, investigators and a company official said Wednesday.
The 36-year-old programmer had long worked remotely for various Silicon Valley companies but was hired at Mountain View-based Mindsource Inc. a week and two days before the shooting, said Gabriel Meza, Mindsource's vice president of human resources. As a senior software engineer, Lacy was tasked with the development of Java, a computer programming language.
"In the seven days he worked for us, the only feedback was he was doing an amazing job," Meza said. "He was top level. Very senior."

The new job required that Lacy visit various Silicon Valley clients at their sites to provide consulting, Meza said, meaning Lacy would have to either commute 430 miles round-trip from his home to isolated and rural Rancho Tehama, outside of Corning, or stay somewhere in the Bay Area during the week. Neighbors said Lacy moved north a year ago because he despised the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area.

On Sept. 4, Lacy was scheduled to provide consulting for Hewlett-Packard at their Sunnyvale office, Meza said. After a likely four-hour drive from his trailer in Rancho Tehama, Lacy was pulled over on Interstate 680 in Alamo for having an obstructed license plate. After a 10-second interaction with CHP officer Kenyon Youngstrom, Lacy shot him without warning. A second officer then shot Lacy to death. Youngstrom died the following evening.

His neighbor speculated that Lacy had been spending his weekdays in the Bay Area because his Jeep Wrangler was gone the week before the shooting.

"He told me he didn't ever want to go back down there," neighbor Jim Bowron said. "But you have to go where the money is, and Silicon Valley just happens to be that."

An email from a Mindsource recruiter was found in his Jeep by investigators, according to a search warrant filed in Contra Costa Superior Court this week. "We found him on a job board through a mailing list," Meza said of Lacy's hiring. "It's just very strange. This can happen to anybody."
Detectives seized a handgun safety certificate, ammunition, a gun-carrying case, three shooting targets and large amount of computer equipment, among other items, from his Tehama County trailer, according to court documents.
While searching the Jeep, investigators also found "a backpack containing (mail) belonging to Lacy, pistol ammunition, four loaded pistol magazines, a knit cap and a pistol shoulder holster," according to the warrant.
Youngstrom, 37, of Cordelia -- who donated his organs, saving the lives of four people -- will have a memorial service Thursday morning at a Vacaville church.
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