Attacking The Judicial Process with Brute Force

Attacking The Judicial Process with Brute Force
The Contra Costa Way 

Walnut Creek CA: In my other post called the "the Little Startup began the legal dispute" explains why we were in court in the first place.  Looking back this case was the basis of why I took on the H1b Visa which has turned into a contentious international debate.  I now believe that my activism almost cost me my life and almost claimed my sons. 

In 2001 I was dealing a billing dispute with a Russian Outsourcing Firm called Red Stars that if the FBI wanted to could toss the founders into Guantanamo Bay but my opinion about the visa weaknesses are for another post.  

The main reason I lost this case was not on the merits of the litigation but the fact that my attorneys offices were torched.  It was arson and in fact there were five other arson incidents in the general vicinity which by the way was nearly across the street from Docs Pharmacy where that very large serous outbreak occurred that killed four and sickened twenty.  

So here I am standing in front of Judge Bruce Van Vhorris facing opposing counsel explaining that my attorney Donald Gene Moats has become non-responsive AKA AWOL.  Back then I was familiar with court proceedings by no means did I understand civil procedure.  In 2004 when I was hit upside the head in Contra Costa Family Law I bought the book from the court.  

What was troubling was the other party was this Russian Firm called Red Stars who provided me a programmer under the H1b Visa Program.  This lawsuit showed me the endless weaknesses of the H1b Visa Program currently being debated in Congress.  

One of the tangents of this legal skirmish changed my position changed regarding the H1b visas.  In 2001 I was quickly learning that I had a newer cheaper competitor called the" H1B Candidate" that were then and now underselling US Workers.  I also noticed a trend of plenty of interviews but no job offers. It doesn't sit well that 10 years later I've learned that Chris Butler was convicted of over 150 wiretaps and that the the same Chris Butler was named in this lawsuit with Benny Chetcuti who the owner of 1776 Ygancio Valley Road Walnut Creek lost 2.5 million to along with dozens of other investors.  

Mr. Chetcuti operated from 1204 Alpine Road Walnut Creek which I believe is the Jurisdiction of the Walnut Creek Police Department which is the same department who's refused to investigate a slew of events near me, one being that member of Hillside Covenant Church tried to run me over in 2012 days before my Butte County Superior Court hearing in regards to the child support I can't pay because for some strange reason my business kept suffering setbacks e.g. my clients were being threatened.  I lost gigs, W-2 contracts valued at $200,000 or more per year.  

I filed a police report about the attempted hit and run but was told by Lt. Gorski that it wasn't going anywhere just like the accidents involving more than five homeless men run over and crushed or left near brain dead but for some predictable logic the pedestrian victim is at fault.  With little ado - he's at fault.  The cost to the county millions in medical bills.  


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