Hit and Run Accident Report Linked to Corruption Probe

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 07/03/2013

Posted to Protect My Sons 
Related Cities: Lafayette, Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill  
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First Letter: 
Sent: 09/29/2011 
Using: MS Outlook to Contra Costa County Sherriff's offices 
Contra Costa County IT Department: 
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Sent with: Mail Transport Protocol Interface (MAPI) - See response email from Lafayette Chief Hubbard says: I did respond but you never replied hmm - I guess hit and runs that were or attempted murders mean little around Lafayette CA. 

Burned Alive: That is very true 
Arson/Murder Victim Eiko Sugihara 
My highly accurate posting: ET Phone Home Rome is Burning
Your Sheriff's department is lying to you

Information regarding Hit and Run

Date: July 20th 2011
Time: 9:15 PM
Weather/Conditions: Just past dusk, low light, clear
City: Lafayette CA
Intersection: EB Deer Valley Road at Central Road (SB)

On July 20th 2011 the vehicle that I was traveling in was pushed off the road at Deer Valley Road and Central. The attached picture outlines the lead vehicle (the one pushed off the road) the trailing vehicle or suspect vehicle.   While stopped at the intersection waiting for the controlled left hand turn, the vehicle directly Vehicle One pulls up on along Vehicle 1 Drivers Door, with Extremely bright lights, possibly a police spot light or equivalent, proceeds to execute a maneuver that is best described as a police pursuit high speed chase where the lead car is spun out. 

Vehicle was forced into the traffic island where the suspension system suffered over $3,500 in damage which was enough damage that Vehicle One was sold for salvage due the repair to value ratio.  Vehicle One was forced to take curb as another vehicle was rounding the curved exit from WB 24 to central Road.  A head on collision at 25-30 mph would have occurred if Vehicle One that was crowded from turn lane. 

The suspect vehicle sped off SB on central – making a quick return to WB 24.  Suspect vehicle was a late model SUV Ford Expedition (2000-2004 body style).  In review of the intersection in August 2010 (with camera and pictures) the likely of driver error is very slim and it is very clear that Vehicle One was deliberately forced off the road. 

Vehicle Two likely belongs to Retired San Francisco Police Officer Lt. David Oberhoffer (retired June2010), who resides in Pleasant Hill CA, who was also former Chief of Police McFarland CA recently abruptly fired on July 15th 2011 which was approximately 7 days after Mr. Pete Bennett’s conversation on July 6th 2010 with Walnut Creek Chief Of Police Bryden.  The details of that conversation boiled down to how Lt. Oberhoffer’s business (disastrous) relationship between July 2010 and November 2010 forced Mr. Bennett to flee Contra Costa County and close his business.   

The other part of the Bennett/Bryden conversation was in regards to retired Police Officer from another local agency was connected to Mr. Bennett via another party.   The main reason for the vagueness is the mutual parties in Mr. Bennett’s opinion are extremely close to a Cold-Case in the County.   Mr. Bennett has ample reasons for being concerned due the fact Mr. Bennett was targeted by Chris Butler, Norman Weilsch, and other parties near the corruption probe.  These two retired officers are close in age and likely know each other via Law Enforcement Circles.   Their personal actions or through their associates managed to derail Mr. Bennett’s business in June 2011 and 2010 forcing Mr. Bennett to flee the area for his safety. 

Mr. Bennett’s for his safety are supported by numerous suspicious incidents.  One being when Mr. Bennett’s truck exploded in flames back in 2004 and then three short weeks later Chris Butler appears just days after an assailant broke into Mr. Bennett’s house and attempted to kill Mr. Bennett during a fight in Mr. Bennett’s house by a town building inspector. 

In July 2010, Mr. Oberhoffer entered Mr. Bennett’s software business located at 1925A Oak Park Blvd under the guise of becoming photographer in his retirement years.  By September 2010 it was apparent that Mr. Oberhoffer was running a disruption campaign on Mr. Bennett’s business Events surrounding that event will be filed in a separate police report in Pleasant Hill CA. 

There is strong possibility there is a connection to Oberhoffer, Weilsch and Butler plus other officers who have at various times interfered with Mr. Bennett’s business. 

The main this report is being filed late as Mr. Bennett was directly threatened by Police Officers in Walnut Creek and Danville in October 2010 where Mr. Bennett realized that his safety was in question and was advised to leave the area by another agency.  With the Federal Grand Jury Indictment’s pending Mr. Bennett perception is a real investigation will occur where somebody actually files a timely report. 

I am not in the area and will only meet with Agents with the FBI or State Police present.   Keep in mind that Mr. Bennett knows a great deal about the Corruption Probe Investigation, has uncovered dozens of other victims related to Butler and has been a victim of violent crime that was premeditated. 

There are far too many coincidences involving Mr. Bennett e.g. Trucks exploding in flames, tampered oil plugs, Mr. Bennett attorney has been assaulted in 2006 who was hired to sue the Town of Danville, threats to my counsel last year forced a sudden resignation, being forced off the road and the list goes, stolen equipment with no recovery, friends murdered with no investigation, customers murdered, and persons near me murdered.  This goes back over 20 years all the back to corrupt Pittsburg cops, some of which are work for CCSO.   I’ve done my research and it is extensive. 


Pete Bennett


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