Protect My Sons

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 07/02/2013

Protect My Sons

Arson Murder - Magalia / Paradise CA
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Walnut Creek CA: At this point I don't ever expect to see my sons again.  The Contra Costa Bar Association has told me to go to the State Bar with my complaints.  The chilling facts that every resident should understand is how events near me are linked more than one scandal in the area.  Please related revealing what I suspect which is well oiled machine has deflects or enhances litigation to the chosen ones.  

I've endured numerous hit and runs, accidents and near fatal assaults while losing all my assets, cars, license and seen my attorneys suffer ill fates as well.  

At some point something has to give but one of my biggest concerns is the PG&E Data that landed on my system how their vendor just walked away from payment and how my car was totaled by a police officer, how Walnut Creek Police Officers were poised to use their weapons.  

On August 3rd 2012 I spoke at the Council of Mayors clearly stating my friends were being killed and as it works out earlier that morning David Schafer was killed on WB 24 just up the road from Nate Greenan's crash.  I was one of the last people to speak to David at Round Up where he was a bouncer.  You gotta wonder why I've got so many connections.  

The Contra Costa Bar Association is likely the most pathetic or most corrupt bar association in the country.  They simply refuse to give you assistance and the leadership at the Bar have represented Seeno Construction. 

Please read my article: Sold Down the River by the Bar Association

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