Walnut Creek Homeless Trinity Center is Biased

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013


Earlier this year I found myself without gear, food or transportation.  In December the Walnut Creek Police towed my truck off and my gear including my amps and guitars.  That was my basic home where I parked behind my friends house.  

That same week officers killed a person I personally knew and should have never been shot but worse is the last fatal shooting is related to Supervisor Glover who has another cousin shot and killed by Pittsburg Police.  

I know residents and businesses of Walnut Creek who donate food to Trinity think their donations are going to the greater good but many that need these services are being refused, they take food from Loaves and Fishes which is part of the Contra Costa Food Bank, they all receive donations and federal funds to run their operations but have been known to cut homeless and need out.  Trust me I know as they did this to me.  They simply don't like me making noise about how some local homeless that talk to me.  It's not just about Nordstroms or Nieman Marcus or Tiffany's it's about equity.  You need a lesson just ask a few past Presidents. 

In 2011 when my world fell apart I returned to Fresh Start (now Trinity) as a client not as helper.  I've donated food, clothing and even gave Loaves and Fishes restaurant equipment way back in the 80s.  

Today I can't get services because I've been banned as a trouble maker.  They are not too happy with what I've found that's being covered up in Walnut Creek and surrounding areas.  

Over in front of Traders Joes the homeless are being hit by cars and nearly killed, we have persons found floating the creek, we have homeless being hit by cars all around the county. 

When I wrote this article I'd spent months asking questions about these accidents near Traders Joes Walnut Creek CA as I was really taken aback learning about g
Homeless Targets 

It seems that the only place in town is a club but my complaints about Hillside Covenant Church are well know which is why I stood up at Walnut Creek Council Meeting.  

Watch me speak about my desperate situation coupled with the numerous incidents clearly point to I'm being targeted and that others based on their situation end up with the same deal or dead or so severely injured they end up in long term care with permanent brain damage which is why I wrote this article.  

City Council Meeting


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