The Custody of the Laptop

The Custody of the Laptop

This page explains how my laptop that contained sensitive PG&E data that may have gotten into the wrong hands.  The endless cover-ups by agencies responsible for tracking arson have failed but more important have contributed exposing a major utility's databases.  I see it as a National Security Risk as I'm positive the Contra Costa Bar Association has gone out of their way to prevent me from retaining counsel.  

Why the data was required

Data Transfer from PG&E to Pete Bennett's Laptop

When: May 2011  (updated date on 10/07/2013) 
Where: PG&E Offices Willow Pass Road,  Concord CA 4th Floor Training/Meeting Room 
From; Ravenelle Enterprises to Pete Bennett 
Purpose: To Assist with PG&E HydroTesting program 

Risk Based Event - Laptop breached by using coercing my son to reveal my passwords.  

July 7th 2011:  Bennett while traveling minor son Chase Bennett was pulled over by CHP Officer Peck at the intersection of Newell Ave and Lancaster Drive.  Bennett's destination was Hillside Covenant Church 2060 Magnolia Way Walnut Creek CA to their weekly youth meeting. 

When I stopped Officer Peck ran my license which returned that I lacked a license (Read the Golub Letter), I couldn't prove insurance but much to my surprise there was a warrant from Butte County in regards to PC-270 charge - failure to provide.  I got way behind on my Child Support but it wasn't intentional.  

CHP Officer Peck who is one of the finest officers I've had to pleasure to meet didn't cuff me like many officers will do as knowing my son would end up with CPS allowed to make several calls.  Since I was heading to Hillside Covenant Church Thursday night Edge meeting I called Keith Lynds  who was the same youth director that urged me to bring my sons to Hillside in the first place.  

My car and laptop were handed over Lynds and Bob Britz which was the biggest I ever made which contained PG&E sensitive pipeline data.  By using one of the many maps provided to me one could do a wide range of damage to PG&E Infrastructure.  The terrorist intelligence of this one page reveals the exact coordinates of a major pipeline segment.  

My goal is to point out to PG&E that they are more important than all the meter readers in the land and this data breach should be a wake up call.  This one tiny vendor who was allowed on PG&E Property without a background check, hired near blindly, allowed access to critical data and then run off the road in Lafayette CA weeks later where they can't produce a police report seems too ridiculous to believe it could happened which you can read in my Blinded by the Cop where I'm practically outlining conspiracy to commit murder but the dog ate their records. 

The arrest that day appears to be a complete setup which I'm suspecting leads to Walnut Creek Police Officers who in essence interupted my ability to conduct commerce.  

Please see 18 USC § 1951 - Interference with commerce by threats or violence 

I am sure a hit and run meets the test as the event was violent, planned and premeditated but more important it meets many definitions under RICO Statues which definitely leads over to my dispute with the Contra Costa Bar Association. as they can't find me counsel and since I can't afford counsel that equates to obstruction of Justice. They pulled this stunt in 2004 incident with Gary Collins see Bennett v. Collins a case died fast death when my attorney was beaten up but it didn't help they I was poisoned with bacteria that nearly killed me on 2005.


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