Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Failsafe Procedure - what happens if I'm unable to respond

I develop automated software that's ready to repost this blog in case I'm not able to respond.  Its called backdoor program.  

Because of CNET and related persons several key events were connected together. Few are going to get this but there is connection to these plane crashes and Tanabe.  I will be updating this list when I get time.  

Eric Nunn 
Peter Branagh 
Councilman Shimansky 
Supervisor Glover - Victim 
Politicians that have died in Office thus allowing appointments versus elected 

Whistleblowers - what happens to dissenters that bring forth actions
Suicides: How they are murders in disguise 
Murders: The tactical framing of suspects to deflect the real purpose 
Real Estate: Forcing major changes in real estate holdings 
Banking: Affecting the integr


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