Contra Costa Times:$1 Million In Theft > Newspaper Hold Lists

Over $1 Million in Thefts - The Weak Link Is Your Data 

This one should be a lesson on a national scale as for over a decade I've sounding the alarm in regards to outsourcing data overseas and now we have a whodunit - we have a police force in charge of trying to figure out how 20 or so names fell into the wrong hands.  Ask any US based administrator about the stories of millions of rows of data being readily available anyplace in the world.

Although the suspects have been named and hardly fit the profile of computer experts the best link is the outsourcing Bay Area Newspaper Group infosystems.  The probable link is a local person knowing where the list was stored - Online.  Did you know that one of Contra Costa Times employees now deceased is from the Philippines - he was great guy that in a business along Oak Park Blvd where other suspicious events are going on, like the Piedmont Lumber Fire, the La Virage Fire, and a few arson fires dating back to 12 years plus a few bomb devices and no one can find my 2004 truck fire.  

About six months ago Lisa V replied days before the election that she'd "missed" my email and that she deletes emails as she gets so many.  When candidate Eric Nunn crashed in 2008 I forwarded her copies of those emails which detailed the planned meeting that never occurred scheduled days after Eric Nunn was killed.  Just another snippet on plane crashes, drownings and accidents that like suicides or murders disguised as plane crashes, or plane crashes that might actually be just an accidents.   

Claycord Said It  - 
Someone on Yelp Yelped It

Walnut Creek police, Contra Costa Times investigating how newspaper hold lists fell into suspected burglars' hands


I once read that India Outsourcing companies don't allow their workers to leave with paper or bring things like paper.  Have they checked their local pendant hanging on the neck. 
Outsourcing Manufacturing or Bring It Back?

Bringing manufacturing back is an idea that carries tremendous currency these days. From water cooler conversations to chamber of commerce luncheons to the presidential debates, everyone seems to have a plan. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted recently that the Cupertino giant is scheming to bring some production work back home. Of course, this being hyper-tight-lipped Apple, the company won't say exactly what Cook meant when he said he'd like to see Apple products made in the United States.


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