Economic Losses related to CNET Scandal

Author: Pete Bennett

Walnut Creek CA - One very troubling fact is how I've been targeted by Police Officers, CNET personell and now the Contra Costa County Bar won't even allow me to get to bar attorney that suggest the Contra Costa Legal Community is flogged into submission to handlers.  My July 2011 accident forced a hard look at "other" incidents.  That is why I've concluded that my attorney who was beaten in Walnut Creek was not basketball ball game where two players got in a tussle on the court - it was planned by CNET Officers who's goal was to stop my litigation.

It's nearly pathetic to hear from defense counsel who suggested I should move across the country for my safety and leave my kids behind.  My strategy is much different - I'm to ask the cities to review the legal community for possible malfeasance with litigants who've been prevented due process.

Incorporate Your Business For FreeIf you read my challenge to the Contra Costa Bar. I am left homeless (January 2013), beaten down to bankrupt, been fined to death by Judge Golub, slapped with abusive court motions by parties that interfered with my sons, had my attorney beaten up, the truck fire was the best and had numerous police reports filed about me so many in fact i can't even tell what their about.

Via this page I'm going to list the losses and see if the Contra Costa Bar will step up to the plate and do their job - find me representation.  I've lost everything, my sons, house, cars, licenses, software development career and I sleep outside behind my friends house.  The folks at Hillside Covenant Church know about my car accident and one of their members tried to run me over but Lt. Gorski made sure the police report never saw the light of day.  By my count at least seven solid attempts on my life and not a single investigation went beyond me filling out a police report.

The losses:

Software Development (4000 hours lost) system to manage thousands of domains simultaneously using Pay Per Click and internet marking principles.

Lost of 500 domains valued a $100,000 (future value)

Business Targeting and Business Intimidation connected to CNET related agencies notably Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Danville, Lafayette and most likely an extension of events from Pittsburg officers from the eighties.


Office and Business Targeting $250,000
Loss of Contracting Projects  (Sudden firings) $250,000 Annualized wage losses.

Civil Rights Violations by Chris Butler, Stephen Tanabe, Lombardi and numerous Walnut Creek Officers

I will refine but sleeping on the street isn't what i planned for.  My servers, fast systems are all gone, I have no place to live or work but the net effect is few will engage.

In July 2011 I was driven from my apartment via persons connected to Walnut Creek Officers - my car was totaled weeks after a conversation with Cheif Byrden, DA investigator Daryl Jackson, Danville Councilman Newell Arnerich and Dave Christensen of Alamo 1st Alamo CA.

Somewhere in the mix of these people is the person who totaled my car.

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