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I've watched this blog grow rather quickly so I'm deciding how to reorganize content as the original plan was developing a database connected to the content.  Things got away from me as life is huge struggle.

The net effect of all these events has left me begging for money, food and medicine.  The Banta Shooting was extremely personal as it's not the first fatal police shooting near me but Banta graduated from where my sons currently attend school - again on top of car accidents, beatings and arrests your cup can overflow.

The Walnut Creek Police officers via their friends have pretty much made misery out of my life.  Hillside Covenant Church plays a bog role but won't come to the table until forced but the name Collins is critical to my position.

Legal Bills
I've sunk good money after bad into legal bills over 30 years.  In the beginning I had a solid attorney but had a falling out.  What happened about ten years back was abuse of process but who could fight them when you're in the ER fighting for survival - yes someone managed to make me sick and that's what happens when you have a near million in Life Policies but those around you seem to control investigations, medical and closing cases as in the perfect circle.

There is a mountain to climb of debt, medical bills, no reimbursement from Victims Compensation Fund, no supporting police reports and no support from Law Enforcement.  They beat my attorney plus may have torched one belonging to an attorney that represented me.  It's been beyond frustrating getting slammed over and over but several never made it to the courtroom.  That was Seeno Construction who ordered services and then "changed" their minds then used their legal staff to rebuff our collection attempts.  Their day is coming but my construction days suggest they've got big problems coming in their next indictment.

In the meantime you're going to see me asking for work - i am well versed in Microsoft Programming, very strong in many areas but I've been offline so rebuilding my software development operation is proving challenging.  In 2010 I was poised to launch years of programming that would have my 500 domains into a weekly cash machine worth about 10K per week.  The domains are gone, the code lost when I fled the area but when I returned this former SFPD Lt who is connected to the Walnut Creek PD ran me into oncoming traffic.

The CNET scandal for many is over but officers know my status and some I suspect want me dead. When I file my claims they're not going to be happy.

Give me a call at 925-478-0674
or visit Hire Pete

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