Gimme some food stamps or Gimme a job


I have no food, no money and barely have place to live. I’ve attempted to get attorneys to sue Contra Costa County but apparently the Contra Costa County Bar is controlled by person bent on making sure my cases will never get filed.
  • They won’t refer me counsel, they won’t allow me access to moderate means, and their posture is sorry but the services afforded others in Contra Costa County are not for you.
  • In 2006 the attorney retained to sue Danville was beaten up in Walnut Creek –Litigation that would have exposed CNET long ago.
  • The CNET players are Butler, Wielsch, Tanabe (my former neighbor), and Lombardi plus this guy named Gary Collins a former Danville Building Inspector just happened to fall to his death in 2011, normally a really big deal but on Nov 1st 2011 the only copies of that police report were handed to Chief Bryden.
  • Months later WCPD arrest me for child support PC-270, I told officer Vesser ver clearly that they might try to kill me in the jail. When after days in lockup with a stable cellmate I get access to a phone, then former Danville Deputies recognized (yea sure, more they were waiting for me). said you’re Bennett you’re the one that wrote those letters. I said you’re fucked I went to the FBI back in 2005.
  • By then the FBI was in my shop warning me to leave and to shut down my business. I lost 2 million in contracts with Wendys, Burger King and Fresh Choice. It’s a only a few million but I didn’t get killed.
Danville Mormons:
For months I’ve attempted to reach the Bishop and the Danville Stake in general. Seems like they have Pete Amnesia, I told them that I was sick, sleeping in the rain, likely had pneumonia but the Danville Stake which is where one of the Supervisor attends apparently is too busy for one of their former members.
Walnut Creek:
On December 26th 2012, the Walnut Creek PD shot a suspect to death. He was nice kid from Paradise CA that I just happened to know via Starbucks Walnut Creek where I once played music. The Walnut Creek police were so nice to me they gave me a ticket for making people smile and be happy while I was performing.
As it stand
You see Walnut Creek has won, they are well aware of the three deaths after my Nov 1st 2011 City Council meeting where I spoke specifically about persons connected to CNET, in short order Hale, Bhatia, and Collins all killed.
I can 
Sorry about your situation. You must call 925-602-7-9471 to reschedule or make arrangements for phone interview.
Hope that helps


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