Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mormonism ► A Lawyer is coming

The Alamo 1st Ward members are somewhat pathetic bunch - Amnesiacs

Tough questions for the current Bishop .....

There is a member named Kim.  I've asked several times about her welfare but no one can produce information on her whereabouts.  She was a convert and I would think that a simple answer would be sufficient but like all the other questions that have surfaced no one wants to talk.

During my experience with the Alamo 1st I went through many events e.g. car fires, accidents and illnesses.  All I can say is I'm suspect as the Ward has clammed up and that leaves me wondering.

There is a mom who's daughter died of spinal meningitis around 2002 - my coworker came down with it in 2009 how weird - but that mom and coworker have just one degree of separation between me and other serious bacterial infections affecting numerous people.  I called it in a police report in 2009 - they just around doing little about it.  

And I suffered near fatal infection


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