Tuesday, February 5, 2013

WCPD ►Homeless Assault Victim

Walnut Creek CA:
February 5th 2013

Mathew Chase is this nice guy floating around your cities.  He usually walks between Walnut Creek to Concord, Pleasant Hill and Pacheco. 

I've helped him with rides, food, coffee, and friendship.  He was beaten up by Kyle Miller many times who seems to be some type of proxy operative of the Walnut Creek Police as the homeless in the area are totally afraid of Miller.

I went by Kyle Millers shed and he's gone, there is an eviction posted on the door and no sign of him for about a month.  I suspect he's in jail. (he's out talking to himself)

Once I started asking questions about accidents near the homeless near Kaiser and Trader Joes then I discovered others in the downtown area who've been beaten by Miller.  The other homeless man is Danny who is the harmless homeless man who just gets by day to day.  He's a regular at Peet's where some patrons buy him coffee and meals. 

There is the Safeway Petitioner who was attacked when a guy came out of the store and clobbered the man in front who was gathering signatures for the Anti-Nieman Marcus campaign.  Imagine the possibilities - beat the key man petitioner and change the outcome of a referendum. 

One last thing - they said the attacker was mentally disturbed so it was OK and he wouldn't be arrested even though it was recorded on Camera. 

Are getting the concept - going, going, gone and sold to best payoff. 
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