Friday, August 9, 2013

Contra Costa County Litigant Adjustment Bureau - Division of the Contra Costa Bar Association

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 08/09/2013

Walnut Creek CA: The Contra Costa Bar Association secret division exposed.  It has come to my attention that my 2006 Lawsuit was derailed when my counsel Sage Sepahi was beaten in Walnut Creek CA which effectively ended my litigation against Contra Costa County. 

This is same way they handle all disputes as in 2001 my attorney was Donald Gene Moats offices were burned down at 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road Walnut Creek forcing insurers to endure an estimate 2 million dollar loss.  

It seems another player in this story is retired SFPD Lt. David Oberhoffer who first appeared in my Pleasant Offices at 1932a Oak Park Blvd Pleasant Hill CA - where Ian Lotta Scott mother, a retired employee of the Solano County District Attorney offices was helping me.  Izzetta could not figure out how I'd endured so many accidents and incidents.  Sadly her son died of a sudden asthma attack on September 21st 2011 a year after I was forced out of those offices.  

This litigant adjustment bureau has a long history of roughing up litigants in a mormonesque type approach they'll do what's needed to whistle blowers like Ernie Scheerer or me.  

This victim father once headed the Contra Costa Bar Association whose Litigant Adjustment Bureau probably rigged my truck for arson in 2004, tampered with my ABS systems so in 2004 my 1994 Ford Explorer right front wheel would lock up at high speed which occurred right around the time this woman served me with Divorce Papers in Fairfield CA.  

I know that they took that Ford Explorer as my ex said she needed to move some things a few weeks later I almost became a Ford Explorer Rollover Victim when just my right front wheel locked up at high speed.  


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