Pete Bennett for Public Office - Seeking handshakes

I am pleased to announce that I intend to run for public office.  What offices affords me the best protection when I'm attacked.  If it takes running for President then that's what I'll do as I am simply very tired of being a target.  

My initial platform will be as follows: 

  1. Federal Question: Redefining the Handshake - What is a handshake? It rhymes with Milkshake, Earthquakes, sounds like mistake, phonetically close misstatement, or mistook, mistaken, but perhaps misspoken, or better misrepresentation, or misinterpretation, or maybe it was exceptional or exponential or maybe we it's a derivative, or perhaps gravitational, extravaganza or institutionalization or nationalization with trepidation in preparation of launching a rotational objective focusing on a contradictory triangulation depending upon unknown coordinates but if you had the right map you'd have your target.     
  2. Reorganizing the Contra Costa Bar Association - 
  3. Unified Case Conflicts checker
  4. What to do when your lawyer lies
  5. How to identity a handshake aptly titled "Sergeant You've Burned Your Career" 
  6. Let the Airlines know that the TWA Flight 800 could have been taken down by a missile stolen from the San Pablo Armory in 1989 as the missing C-4 bricks are likely connected to this allegation here " Wielsch and Butler Seeking to sell Military Grade Explosives" 
No one is helping me so screw all near these cops - I suspect this leads to Cal DOJ, up and down the state, over the Vegas then to Long Island.  

The timelines fit - all undetected spanning 30 years. 


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