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By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 08/07/2013

To Risk Managers and Insurance Underwriters: 

On this blog you will learn how Contra Costa Law Enforcement defeats your actuarial efforts.  My comments clearly demonstrate that there have been far too many incidents near me and even though my losses are in the millions - nothing happens.  

I've reached the end of my years as programmer but my past has taught me some hard lessons but that last car incident was enough, several attempted or actual hit and runs back to back weeks apart then being accused of attacking a city worker on a lawn mower in Walnut Creek it's clear someone has something to hide.  

The detective doesn't know it but I sent his plate numbers to the FBI and another agency who's become quite suspicious about what I've learned.  

In a few weeks I'll have a loss analysis on numerous structures fires, accidents and deaths where I believe the industry has been hoodwinked. I'm collection and building my own database from news reports and other reliable sources.  

Then since I can't get a police report I'm going to emailing every business in town to explain to them why their rates will skyrocket which I encourage those efforts. This will force the residents to finally rally about the wages of Fire Chiefs pulling down 300K per year and then I've found a fire in the same development where four Chiefs live with a fatality.  

Failure is not an option as Failure equates to Fatalities.  

There is no question that this candidate of office requires extra protection is truly concerned that they will focus on his sons as one of my long held and well documented allegations are that bacteria, undetectable drugs, an expert with bio-weapons, bio-toxins and/or Pharmacology delivered my near fatal nightmare on the ER. I have long lasting effects from that and fully expect this will play strongly when my day comes.  Over ten years ago I was on steroids for asthma now I sing Bocelli - it was an advice nurse at CCCMRC who said I've heard your calls for years now are you sure your not being poisoned.  I answered I've suspected it and a former cop near me happens to be other unexpected deaths.  

I think you've got a network of operators with badges, law licenses and co-conspirators.  

Just ask me but remember I'm sleeping under adverse conditions and I'd like to see remedy so I can get my sons out of harms way.   My ex and I mutually know two crash victims and each are suspicious in nature but I know more than ten.  

Get em Tonto we need billions for the department of insurance to function and you pay billions far too often.  

By the way I need a job but I'd need some clothes, dental work, license, car, about $250,000 to pay off the medical, child support but that doesn't include the roughly Two Million I would have made doing what I once was very good at which is developing databases. My adversaries have badges with guns, radios, convicted for illegal wiretaps, known for extortion, arson and in my case in 1988 murdered a friend execution by one of Pittsburg CA finest Officer Eric Bergen.  

Good luck and yes I've been screwed but I tried very hard to take of my family but keep in mind that I know where one likely arsonist works, know his name and know how he did it and there are three witnesses to his statement but I'm sure that you'll concur that Danville has an arsonist.  


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