Laser Induced Blindness - perhaps not so far fetched

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL

Walnut Creek CA: While this father, a Contra Costa County Resident seeks one primary goal which is to be reunited with his sons but at present they are missing.  The events near my story are endless, the personal events clearly point to Police Officers with a goal.  Not all are bad but a core select few are a clear and present danger.  The logo is needed so that blogger can grab this picture for the front side tiles.  

Asiana 214 Investigation:

At this time the NTSB appears to have ruled out the pilot was blinded by a flash of light.  I'm not as convinced as "Blinded by the cop" was posted long before the Asiana 214 crash.

This citizen and soon to be candidate uses this blog to deflect off adversaries who seem to continually violate my civil rights but they already know the Contra Costa Bar Association won't help at all.  These adversaries have unbridled access to technology, resources and capital coupled with friends in squad cars that anything is possible.  

What happened on July 20th 2011 was as deliberate as it gets but the attempts to deflect the investigation so glaring I wrote letters that documented this incident thereby laying a trail  breadcrumbs for investigators to follow.  Since this accident there have many others where this blogger suspects a pattern exists of well concealed incidents.  Keep in mind the Bay Area is chock full of the brightest researchers, engineer, biologists, programmers, scientists of all flavors in the world and with brightness something wicked is often found.  

The statements about being temporarily blinded resonated strongly as my thoughts about the flash that blinded me was it was different.  I had 5 to 10 seconds of blindness, was hit from the rear, the car interior flooded and it was more like a warm but super bright pulse but since that night a vision issue has emerged.  

The source on this is rather is truly coincidental as it's from scientist working at the People's Republican Army.  I've just begun the process of beefing up my laser knowledge but we've all experienced or know of those hand-held laser pointers - the same ones the FAA is so concerned about.  My position is then and is today it was white vs. infrared.  My client who was died in San Francisco imported the same lasers as Key Chains.  He's the one that died at 36 of sudden unexplained death? It happens everyday even to a former Danville Mom just around the corner from Valle Vista just down the street from Suicide, near the dual fires that were probably arson that created two perfect adjacent parcels side by side.  What a coincidence?

Determination of laser energy density threshold leading to glare-induced blindness by pattern visual evoked potential in guinea pigs

Zhen-feng LI, Cong XIONG, Hao YIN, Feng XIA, Jing AN, Lei ZHANG, Zuo-ming ZHANG


Objective To explore the application of pattern visual evoked potential (PVEP) in examination of energy density threshold of laser beam that may lead to glare-induced blindness in guinea pigs. Methods Stainless steel bolts (5mm in length, 1.2mm in diameter), as reference electrode and recording electrode for the PVEP measurement, were implanted into skulls of 27 guinea pigs, located in 6mm proximal to bregma and 10mm distal to bregma. These guinea pigs were randomly divided into three groups with 9 (18 eyes) for each group, and they were exposed to laser beam at wave length of 635nm, 660nm and 690nm, respectively. The PVEP was recorded in each group before and immediately after laser irradiation, and also on day 2 and day 4 after laser irradiation in guinea pigs blinded immediately after laser exposure. The latency and amplitude of P wave in PVEP before irradiation was considered as control value for each group. When PVEP could not be recorded instantly after laser irradiation, the intensity of electric current applied at that time was considered as threshold value of each laser beam. The power of electricity(P) values was then calculated, and energy density threshold that led to glare-induced blindness was figured out according to currentpower curve (P-I curve). On day 2 and day 4 after irradiation, PVEP was additionally recorded, and latency and amplitude of P wave were compared with that of control values to examine the recovery of visual function of the blind guinea pigs. Results The energy density thresholds of the three laser beams at wave length of 635nm, 660nm, 690nm respectively were 356.36×10-9J/cm2, 349.58×10-9J/cm2 and 343.93×10-9J/cm2. In guinea pigs became blind after exposure to laser beams at wave length of 635nm, 660nm, 690nm, the latencies of P wave recorded 2 days after blindness were not significantly different with control value of each group(t=-0.356, P=0.729; t=0.492, P=0.633; t=-0.445, P=0.666), while the difference in amplitudes was statistically significant (t=11.01, P=0.000; t=5.223, P=0.000; t=5.702, P=0.000). Four days after blindness, the latencies and amplitudes of P wave recorded on the guinea pigs were also compared with the control values, but no statistically significant difference was found (latency: t=1.329, P=0.213; t=2.040, P=0.069; t=-0.894, P=0.392; amplitude: t=-3.030, P=0.768; t=0.194, P=0.850; t=-0.948, P=0.365). Conclusions The energy density threshold of laser beams, at length wave of 635nm, 660nm, 690nm, may lead to glare-induced blindness in guinea pigs is around 350×10-9J/cm2. PVEP examination is a useful and harmless way to determine the energy density threshold of laser beam which will cause blindness.


pattern visual evoked potential; laser beam; microwaves; glare blind; energy density threshold


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