Open Letter: Bryan Wenter former Walnut Creek City attorney

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 08/08/2013

Bryan Wenter, 
Walnut Creek CA 

Open Letter

Dear Mr. Wenter, 

I am sure you're fully aware of my plight and the pages on my blog.  Last week I was detained and questioned at the N. Main Starbucks.  The accusations were baseless like so many other but it was another attempt to dissuade this witness.  

The recent coroners inquest results on Banta match very closely to my blog just a few weeks before that incident.  My concerns are for my safety and it's clear something is going on near me, the city and how they are derailing police reports and obstructing justice.  

In a few weeks I'll sending in dozens of ethics letters to the State Bar with an intense focus on City Attorneys.  In Danville they settled the Katz matter saying they had no prior knowledge but in fact they are well aware. 

The accusations against the bar will be RiCO level as few know about the insurance fraud part of the CNET story.  You might which is why you exited but I got wind of it years ago.  

Your police department operates with more than one agenda but more than officer has thrown me out of City Hall.  

The other issue is you should be very careful and seek protection from the State Police, Bell, Polllecek and Shimansky plus the 20 from 2001 at Doc's pharmacy are no accident.  I doubt you knew the younger business partner committed suicide so just like the 1776 Ygnacio Arson Case, or that Stuart Safine died days after his case against Contra Costa County was gutted by the Judge, or that an attorneys near the Seeno stories are turning on dead in Nevada but the para glider death night be more than an accident but I've heard via attorneys that a case against Seeno opposing counsel was killed in a accident.  I can't confirm it but Contra Costa County has a far higher rate of death of public officials than anywhere in the country.  

At the end of the day the database programmer gives you the answers that looked fishy but you couldn't or didn't have time.  

I started with them in September 2011 and I've only know ten persons to be killed.  You bet I am blunt now and when my Database goes online few will disagree.  

Enjoy your new path but I'd prefer that you'd send letters as a concerned citizen about any event that seems fishy.  Your job is balance ethics between client privilege. In my matters I've lost millions but once I discovered Butler, Wielsch and Tanabe were connected to Benny Chetcuti then i realized that my near fatal incidents were not so accidental.  I am now positive that CNET was employed to take me down and that my life insurance policy was the $900,000 target.  

There are more in Danville that match my allegations. 

One last thing - this company plays heavily into this story as my attorney's (former) father in-law represents them and it just happens overlay the same agencies that have harassed me, found me via my EBT card or payroll and would have the ability track my credit cards.  

It was used on me here in Walnut Creek so don't think that Bryden and others were deaf dumb and blind about CNET - they've taken houses, stolen property, planted false evidence and driven people out of business - why do you think the bartender at Havana is dead?  read about Chuck Silverman accidents on Pleasant Hill road.  There are five cases between 680 and the tunnel. 

If you need a little nudge - its pretty obvious the Walnut Creek Police operate in a callous and dangerous manner, leading a young man into a dangerous scenario that nearly killed him.  This little game has been a played on me in front Safeway, Starbucks and I've had officers and undercover taunting me in MacDonalds and the Walnut Creek Library with the use of informants leading me astray.   

That means ladies and gentleman they are willing to create unexpected scenarios with your children in the crossfire when they could easily wait for a better day.  

`Informant' Sues City Over Shooting / Walnut Creek police abandoned him, he says


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