CNET Domestic Terrorism Unit - Walnut Creek Police Division

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 925-399-1082
Posted: 08/07/2013

CNET Domestic Terrorism Unit 

On or about July 27th 2013 I was while theoretically minding my own business when three Walnut Creek Officers arrived at Walnut Creek Starbucks (See Link) with allegations that I was disturbing the peace, acting strangely and had attacked a passerby.  I spent 20 minutes on the street being interrogated by Officer Burns for the garden variety of allegations.  Officers Burns like many in Law Enforcement are of my involvement the CNET Scandal which I've aptly renamed the as CNET Domestic Terrorism Unit as there are officers from this department with direct links to CNET which is an agency disbanded when CNET Commander Wielsch was arrested in February 2011.  What Officer Burns and others in the department might been involved with was the attack on my attorney Sage Sepahi who was going to sue CNET in 2004.

I can't sue anyone because the legal community e.g. Contra Costa Bar Association has red-lined me and whoever is left is simply afraid to get involved.  

What officer Burns is not aware of what was on my laptop and my evolving theory on several fires in the area including that really big one over in San Bruno that perhaps under the guise of a well paying job with PG&E my skills were used to penetrate a utility that has Nuclear Power Plants, A Gas Transmission Unit, and Electrical Unit that supports the economic fabric of one the 11th largest economy in the world.

My concern as a software developer are obvious internal weaknesses of PG&E and their subcontracting firm Ravenelle Enterprises.  Back in March 2011, I was homeless, living in total fear, enduring threats from all points, my life was upside down but a key element surfaced when Chris Butler and Norman Wielsch were first arrested in 2011 which occurred after Lt. Oberhoffer SFPD (retired) deliberately drove me from my offices in Pleasant Hill.  

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I write to deflect as I'm tired of being a target plus I have two sons that were nearly killed in one of these attempts.  The Walnut Creek Police drove from five offices, the Pleasant Hill Police failed to respond and the Danville Police, CHP and San Ramon Fire Protection District are likely guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, extortion and racketeering.  It's come to the point I've got to call a spade a spade before someone takes me down.  

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