Domestic Terrorism: Shooting out a PG&E Transformer

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch  

Aug 2013 - Walnut Creek CA - Last year someone shot out a PG&E high voltage transformer which I believe was a KVA High Voltage Line that travels through many towns and cities.  Details are sketchy but glancing past articles it seem in-congruent in a modern society that a KVA Transformer would be used for target practice.

For many years I've been following news articles about PG&E, AT&T and other utilities that support our infrastructure.  Although they deliver services for millions daily in many ways that's our Achilles heal as a well timed attack could be a market disruption tool - subtly planned, tactically executed but more important potentially overlooked by those responsible as day to day activities often overwhelm or overtake many tasks.  It happens everyday at your business, your school, homework or job where so much information flows at you can't respond.

That information flow is the domestic terrorists advantage as these mysterious persons often carrying multiple agendas can strike at the weaker links.  Now to some knocking out a transformer array might sound like a drunken Cowboy out on the range but from my perspective is these events are little tests that lead up to a larger coordinated attack on our infrastructure which is why you get cable, the weather and the news plus where some live their lives out watching sports from the stadium or the arm chair.

Having personally seen PG&E documents on the San Bruno fire as a software contractor I could see endless weaknesses in their planning as well as thinking.  Old timers now retired pointed out something about the San Bruno fire that I found interesting and as an arson victim myself I now seek patterns to tie together.

There is a pattern but it's not limited to PG&E but potentially is linked to larger looming event.  My focus is the Bay Area but it's easy to see other incidents nationally are potentially interconnected.

As I use my decryption skills to analyze publicly known infrastructure points I'll paint an argument that we live in a different world where our centuries of world domination might become the foundation of domestic terrorism.

In the end you might wonder who's guarding our infrastructure and perhaps reallocating TSA nail-clipper chasers to walk the wires, pipelines, and sewers seeking intimate details no matter how smelly the task the sewer crawl could be one could easily dump a tanker trunk uphill from downtown San Francisco with the intent of creating a sensational fire.  One of the suspects I've encountered was once a member of the San Francisco Police Department and I personally consider him an arsonist.

In my other articles I'll point out the glaring connections to my July 2011 car accident and preceding arrest (Arrest Explained) where I strongly suspect that Hillside Covenant Churches Youth Director breached my laptop with sensitive data and that his relationships with the Doyle Family leads to the Former Head of the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad whose roommate Lisa was my roommate (Greg Santilli) girlfriend who all have ties to the CNET.

The easy question is why are all these people near me in the first place?


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