WCPD: I want my police report for June 2012

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 08/07/2013

Just like farmer says Mayhem Strikes 

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Walnut Creek CA:  On June 16th 2012 the Walnut Creek City Council was informed and updated via email.  It is coming on nearly sixty days and the only one to contact me is three cops with guns.  One ran from me but new ones don't, one that I know was fired decided it was time to watch me sing Karaoke at Round Up last month.  That same ex-cop who I ran into at Virginia Hills Shopping Center decided it was OK to tell he was going to drop me.  

Do nothing and expect whoever they are to strike again whether it be Arson, hit and run or poison - it's hard to ignore the numbers.

He wasn't when I told him that Butler was the same cop I was talking about a year earlier when I was driven from my office.  My theory on Walnut Creek Police is they have developed quite a strong network with capabilities of disruption any business in town, that they are bold enough approach me in front the Walnut Creek Library with accusations just a few weeks after another cop drove me into on-coming traffic and totaled my car ($5,000) loss or that they felt it's OK to ignore that a member of Hillside Covenant Church attempted to run me over or that they targeted a petitioner, beat him up and let the suspect go.  

It's how they do it as I've been beaten, threatened and endlessly harassed by a narrow set of officers but sadly are in the chain of command and given that I'm an arson victim perhaps they're gunning for me because whoever they hired to rig my truck for arson failed but they came damn close to BBQing this brand new and serious candidate for office.  

Remember threatening a candidate for office brings the misery teams with broad powers.  That's what I got when I complained about my other hit and run where my other car was totaled.  

It is truly a strange thought running office but when the State of California Threat Assessment unit arrived I was clear and have the letters to prove it that I was clear that Public Officials faced a myriad of threats and even clearer to Lafayette Police that someone blinded me. Our first meeting was September 2011 and it's been a joke.  I've lost a contract with PG&E worth $500,000 (est of 2.5 years of revenue), I've lost my car, my sons, my place to with the help of the ex head of the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad who works with the son of a councilman in Danville and they all know the other Hillside Covenant Church Youth Director connected to the hit and run.  

With that I've gone to the State Department Insurance as I've been defrauded as have others in the area as when Police Officer deliberately alter, destroy, change, withhold, deflect or outright shit down investigations that's actually two cases.  

I want to file a claim for medical with VCP but the Oroville PD won't help so I had to sue.  The claim has been denied and now I've got decide to feed my family or sue Oroville for being mugged at 1AM by five juveniles, two adults and others unknown to recover the $12,000 medical bill.  If I'd had a car I wouldn't be Oroville, nor would have been in jail but in 2007 they took my license and DCSS clerk deliberately stalled my license restoration.  I got behind from really, really simple shit - beatings, poisoning, hit and run, arson and on the other end of numerous attempted murders and good ole Captain was screaming at me why did I go to the FBI - simple asshole I've long suspected cops were behind incidents after all your buddies in Pittsburg Murdered my friend Cynthia Kempf in 1988.  

Do you really think I closed my eyes and went to Kansas?   I have 30 years of intel I've gathered, names, persons, business and relationship that you wouldn't think anyone would know and I'm a database programmer who's incredibly good at names, surnames and other neat correlations that allow me notice thing Benny Chetcuiti's sister was Butlers second wife or the name on the proof of service is one of the PI moms.  

Next time you need to fuck up somebody's life fuck your own.  

Insurance Fraud is a felony but you have to wonder why can't I get one police report through the system?  Isn't more than 50 incidents enough or should be expecting another set of bodies on the side of the road.  



Property casualty fraud investigations focus on arson for profit, murder for profit (life insurance fraud) pharmaceutical fraud and billing suspected fraudalent claims of health, life, property (including arson) and all other non-auto and non-workers' compensation cases. Property repair, property claims adjusting, billing of medical services and pharmaceutical fraud, are amongst the important aspects of activity that are overseen by Property Casualty.


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