Coroners Inquiry: Anthony Banta Jr. - Analysis of the testimony.

In 2005 while living in Danville I endured about six hours of what I suspected that my medication had been laced with something. Years later when they arrested Chris Butler I started digging up details on top of the many I already had. There is one very important email that Lisa Voderbruggen has that I want sent to the FBI.

who was in my house in 2004 but in 2012 I met a CNET arrestee named Hulu who reported that Wielsch and Lombardi gave him a tainted drink during an arrest in Walnut Creek which was vetted during the Walnut Creek City Manager Meeting.

An acquaintance from then Community Presbyterian Church was Peter Mantas who like me was using their job connection program. We all know what happened to his wife but Peter and I were respectively being ground up by the Family Law Court where Butler and his corrupt attorneys.

The problem here with what happened is whether or not Banta was acting of his own free will or whether he was under the influence of something undetectable.

In 2005 I nearly died from a bacterial infection that from day one I said was deliberate and that others in the area bear similar characteristics which is why I wrote the Murder by Bacteria article.

The other glaring issue is I knew Anthony Banta jr. from where he worked at Starbucks at Duncan and Main Street but I also know the roommates and they were all normal people. The Banta story for doesn't end here either as for years I've been saying that someone who is an expert in bio-weapons, bacterias or bio-toxins and/or expertise in Pharmacology with possible access to cadavers that might posses viable bacteria was in play.

That is in a Police Report filed with the Danville Police in June 2009 which I filed after my chance meeting with Supervisor Glover. Our stories are nearly identical in terms of how sick each of got - I had near kidney failure and the county ER department wouldn't believe my allegations.

Well folks councilman Shimansky died within weeks of my near clairvoyant but well timed report but so Officer Murphy understands the situation - that report was vetted with an FBI agent prior to me calling down there and Officer Murphy just in case you haven't head the Danville Building Inspector in that Police Report from 2004 - he fell down an elevator shaft in Palo Alto then died weeks later. The bigger problem is the meeting in Ken Nordoff and Chief Bryden where the 2004 police report was handed over on Nov. 1st 2011.

Here is a list of people I know deceased in 2011

Gary Collins

Ian Lota Scott - Contra Costa Times CSR -

>> his mom was retired DA investigator helping me in 2010

Roma Bhatia - found deceased on 680 - her husband was/is represented by Merrick Wiesinger whose name was shared during that meeting.

Loretta Hale - Mt. Diablo suicide with no witnesses

On July 20th 2011 a retired SF cop blinded me with something akin to laser or super bright spot light that temporarily blinded me. My fate was a head on collision in Lafayette near the BART Station

Peter Haas - my former client dies from unexplained death at 36

A Former Danville mom died in Cotati from unexplained death at 56 - I ran into the daughter in Chico -

Nate Greenan who was this great drummer that backed me up at Vinnies in Concord - one of the best ever behind me. He crashed in Orinda on April 18th 2012 and David Schafer on August 3rd 2012 WB 24 nearly on top of Nate's crash.

Nate is the son of James Greenan who's son in-law represented me in divorce court - he never once said that hey Pete - did you know your ex-wife babysat Nate Greenan or that my father in-law represented Contra Costa County, or Seeno and that perhaps we've got a conflict of interest?

I once worked for another Mormon at this same Ward where my coworker nearly died of Spinal Meningitis which occurred before I filed my 2009 police report.

Now we have Gary Bell and Bill Pollecek dying from bacteria infections then we have Doc's Pharmacy with over 20 severe bacteria cases with four fatal.

By the way I tried to sue Contra Costa County and shared many details with my attorney about my plans. The Contra Costa County Bar won't help and it's clear that there is a HUGE problem as my attorney was beat up, my other attorney offices were burned down which links to Butler, Wielsch, Tanabe and others where a local developer lost 2.5 million in cold hard cash as did a slew of retirees - around 50 victims or better losing over 25 million - the big story never told.


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