CHP Golden Gate Division - Open Letter About Contra Costa Arsonist


Dear Chief Becher, 

I have called the Martinez Offices several times about my 2004 truck fire that occurred on NB 680 about 3/4 of a mile from the El Cerro on ramp.  

My version of events can be found this blog that I posted in 2012.  The challenge for your agency is to be transparent and follow through to identify the responding CHP officer and the failure to identify my truck fire as arson.  

My opinion about this accident changed dramatically after my car was totaled by a retired San Francisco Police Lt. who blinded me with a high powered spotlight then forced me into oncoming traffic. Sure sounds like more than one attempted murder to me but there are more.  

There are a long set of incidents spanning over 20 years near me but several are within your jurisdiction and I simply can't know this many persons connected to untimely deaths.  

Additionally this link reflects the intense effort I've gone through by sending letters to the appropriate and proper jurisdiction.  Why after two years of calls, in person meetings with Cheif Christiansen who gave me the best answer ever "get an attorney" but most attorneys in Contra Costa County know about the Seeno attorneys murdered in Las Vegas and know that Donald Gene Moats offices were burned down and that Sage Sepahi was beaten in Walnut Creek who each represented me from 2000 to 2001 and 2004 to 2006, each left representation over their respective incidents but another Contra Costa Coincidence is that these attorneys also have a connection to the CNET scandal and that's not really a coincidence.  

Please visit the list of incidents to consider re-opening or taking over the investigations.  

No citizen should go through this much effort to solve a hit and run.  

I am going to be clear that my position is my arson case smacks of involvement of police officers, fire department personnel, and investigators connected to the Contra Costa Costa Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce scandal while possibly leading to the death of Eiko Sugihara found on Hunsacker Canyon Road.  I developed Contra Costa County's telephone call accounting system so when I say that that 925-313-2645 is not a regular tip line plus I've left breadcrumbs everywhere as I called that number from 925-705-1812 many times. The data is available down in the accounting department but one person who could have given you directions was Tax Collector Bill Pollecek but like both Councilman Shimansksy and Gary Bell are unable to communicate.  

My hypothesis is my fire is part of string of arson cases that match even this rookies profiling skills.  The 2011 and 2004 incidents were attempted murder but worse is that they are possibly connected to law enforcement.  It's your choice to ignore my concerns and wait for another freeway death as I've been tracking them but I know Nate Greenan, David Schafer, Roma Bhatia, and Loretta Hale and that's far too many but I actually know a few others.  Too many coincidences.  

The Citizens of Contra Costa County deserve answers.  


Pete Bennett   


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