SRVFPD San Ramon Valley Letters

In a different post I discussed how my F-250 Truck erupted in flames on 680 NB.  If you're wondering why I'm blogging this eight years later then please read Lafayette Attempted Murder which forced me to review the endless property incidents

In June 2010 I leased office space at 1923a Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill CA.  The deal was practically free with zero rent for six months, then $500 increments over 3 years.  In June 2010 a retired SF Police Officer arrived saying he would be attending to my Meetup seeking to draw together Musicians, creatives, artists and Engineers with refreshments e.g. some good beer.  During that meeting he revealed his SF Badge and stated he was retiring at the end of the month.

We then discussed his pending plans to develop a photography business.  He then showed me pictures of the Piedmont Lumber Fire from April 2011. 


So Chief Price my problem is I've got a stack of accidents going back years.  This accident leads to a repair shop in Lafayette where the mechanic said he witnessed (a person who saw my truck on fire) me stating clearly that he was right behind me on 680 - what a fucking coincidence Chief - I bet if that fire was under the ass of some powerful or Danville Princess we'd be stopping every person of color on 680 - saying did you do it.

In the meantime perhaps you might consider manually searching for snippets of this accident scene but for the safety of the students in another school district do something as my suspect lives near other incidents in the area.

I am trying to help and you're stonewalling but I suspect there are other fires with deaths that are connected to persons near my 2004 fire.

As for San Ramon Valley - they simply have no record of my fire but the letter I recieved on December 11th 2011 stated this. 

Blow back bullshit.  The problem now is getting a response from anyone


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