Officer Stephen Tanabe and Bailiff Tanabe The "Divorce Court Enforcer"

Officer Stephen Tanabe

"Divorce Court Enforcer"

This is the same bailiff before anyone was present in the courtroom stated to I'd been making terrorist threats and then about 20 minutes later I lost my sons.  In the weeks preceding the clerks deliberately concealed my "Move Away Prevention Order" but since I could not afford an attorney I was at an disadvantage, I was at medical, economic, and endless challenges thrown at me.   I have my opinion that someone with access to biological toxins, agents or perhaps weapons grade bio-agents were near me. 
These same bailiffs are behind this events that forced a former Walnut Creek Divorcee (Females) who lost custody of her kids after being Jailed For Jay Walking landing in jail for amazing sixty five days.  If you've ever lost a lawsuit in Contra Costa County or lost custody of your children then her story should resonate with yours.  We can't help the case of Andrew Mantas but every person in this county should read her story as in some courtrooms you can't win but their stories have enough parallels they should be investigated, the Judges admonished, the clerks terminated and attorneys disbarred. 

Her case and others are worthy of a complete review by court personnel but court personnel from another county as Contra Costa Countys bigger problem is nepotism.  The Enforcers, Justamites, Judgetarians and Opportunitrons are truly SystemTrons Maniplomats where rules are made for baking and breaking. 

Eight years later
Bailiff Tanabe surfaces in court ligitation revealing he was my former nieghbor who probably provided the toxic mix that nearly killed me in 2005.  I don't think the ER doctors expected me to live but there was this Homeless woman that was suffering badly from her own intestinal drama.  She was a regular fixture from Pittsburg that has vanished but I've not seen her since but do not travel that area often.  Just like Chris Ann Tripp Livermore she just dies on her own like so many others - no witnesses, few or friends just a death alone in the dark of night. 

The common charateristic is like the homeless being run over in Walnut Creek we've got connections to local churches but we've got at least seven homeless with obvious suspicious circumstances. 

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