The Pefect Circle - Cradle to Grave Police Corruption

The Pefect Circle - Cradle to Grave Police Corruption

Contra Costa County - Now the title might irk a good cops as there are many fine officers.  When you read my Officer Youngstrom Story you'll know the take away to me he was a nice guy sitting next to me having a conversation and everyone says he was fine officer which I believe is true.  Read the story as it provides insight that unless you've been used for Fake Interviews you'll never get it. 

The 5150 Gambit - The Mental Illness Allegation

This a tacticians in the tacticians toolkit - they simply start a campaign using a series of allegations which are then used to escalate events on a target.  The was a shooting of a suspect in Danville CA back in 2000 that was witnessed by many but one person who knew the suspect also watched him get shot.  I asked about the investigative questions but the answer was there were no questions asked and just like other cases around the county they just go quiet. 

August 4th 2011 11:30 AM - Sir, we've got a report that someone attacked a city worker riding a lawnmower outside the Walnut Creek Library. When Captain Tim Schultz of the Walnut Creek Police Department began the gambit things got interesting very quickly. 

First off the allegation time period in question was when I was dead asleep on the grassy knoll just North of the Library and the reason was the night before I slept on the street as my car was totaled by San Francisco Police Officer (Ret) Lt. David Oberhoffer deliberately ran me into on-coming traffic. 

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