Officer Kenyon Youngstrom and H-1B Visa

Officer Kenyon Youngstrom

The Five Minute Conversation at Starbucks

Abstract:  During a very brief conversation with Officer Kenyon Youngstrom occurred at North Main Starbucks

 that months later would weave back into a former universe against the H-1B visa.  The visas are a money tree for agencies specializing in recruiting overseas workers to relocate to the US.  

The inner-workings of the H1-B Visa program often requires an attorney (Visa Factory's) a visa/attorney/processor mill that grind, print and stipulate applications called petitions by the thousands The backgrounds are checks are checkered, the documents often are fabulously flawed from Diploma Mills unaccredited worldwide but that's how we overrun the US Job Market.  

My little poke at the visa is not to make light of the program which has brought many well-educated workers to the US but it also brought workers that teach Pilates, Barrista's and plenty of deli workers jobs.  Check my NomoreH1b1 Blog that's seeded with a few years of visas by selected cities.  I don't have time to put the list back up but it was up in 2010 but my business was attacked and forced to fold.  



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