Food Stamps or Victims Compensation Fund

Food Stamps or Victims Compensation Fund 
One has to wonder how one resident can be attacked, beaten, poisoned, suffer bacterial infection, get a case of MRSA, and parasites plus nearly be killed in more than one accident over 30 years and managed to collect over 75 police reports ranging from theft, break-ins, fires, arson and vandalism?

"I'm not this unlucky - simply impossible"

In the eighties Pittsburg Police Officers and their cronies stole my tools, property and vehicles.  In 2004 Danville Deputies pulled the same routine as they swiped my coin collection now valued at $40,000 which vanished during this wild nightmare.  
 "CNET officers are solid opportunists with well honed tactics"
The sad part is these officers have a long history of stealing from residents where they use asset forfeiture procedures take residence using a unique targeting model.  There must be a team of researching matching the perfect asset ripe for the taking.  This includes the Tow Companies of which you can blame your legisslature for that problem but read my Marriot Priced Storage Facilities - the greed is evident. 

There are teams of target homeowners that routinely find properties which are generally fully paid who do a drug drop (Plant Evidence) then seize and sell.  The stories seem to surface almost daily and suggest that Contra Costa County coffers are no more than a slot machine for attorneys.  

Since 2004 lost over $30,000 in cars, a $400,000 inheritance as another attorney in Walnut Creek probably colluded with my brothers to tweak trust documents.  

One attorney settled my $400,000 for $55,000 over a personal injury case - details later but I was at a disadvantage.  Shuttering my cabinet shop was the worst as several million in future contracts plus $250,000 in hard losses.  

In 1990 the FBI strongly suggested leaving - they used the words "My Safety Was In Danger" but those fine Danville Deputies waiting at the Martinez Detention Facility then promptly placed Mr. Whamo in my cell which is one of the ways they kill suspects.  Livingston lives in Danville as does Judge Gollub who knows about many of these events but today (December 13th, 2012) he got some bad news as I said you remember my truck blew up on 680, well now that's connected to the pipe bomb found in front of Pleasant Hill Elementary School on Oak Park Blvd just down the street from two persons that the Lafayette Police won't investigate from last years accident.  

Just in case you're wondering about me please watch me on PBS trying to save your job from being shipped overseas. 

Click for Vidoe 
High-tech Companies Seek to Hire More Foreign Workers

When you look over thirty years at all the deaths near - it leaves you wondering.    

The point is when you can't recover your losses when your attorney gets beaten you end up on food stamps, when your car gets totaled you end up on food stamps, when you truck catches on fire you end up on food stamps, when read my lips when your cabinet shop fold when you get attacked over and over - your life falls apart. 

In 1990 I closed up a cabinet shop in Pittsburg after being targeted - some of those officers have landed elsewhere in the county.  


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