The 680 Candlestick - Arson or Accident? Cover up or Stupidity

Danville CA - August 2004

Entering 680 Northbound at El Cerro Blvd 

On my way to Walnut Creek my F-250 erupted in flames on 680 North.  CHP said calls were coming in stating flames were shooting back over 100 feet. 

What happened next
The next thing I noticed is my oil plug was down 2 1/2 turns and oil was flowing freely (accelerant) but even when CHP arrived they didn't see this it as Arson

  • I have viable suspects,
  • A known and direct witness directly behind me
  • A Repair that performed repairs
  • A CHP Officer
  • An Fire Response Agency (SRVFDP)

    Yet with all the information I get stupid answers like do you know the date.  The answers is yes but you need to call the repair shop.  Please just call them as I've lost all my paperwork.

    The net result is no one wants to admit their failures but as we fund their operations our businesses get torched, suffer fire bombings, immigrant targeting and buildings burn down. 

    The push back model doesn't work well with me. 

    A person who commits this crime is called an arsonist. Many arsonists use accelerants, such as gasoline or kerosene to get a fire going

    My 2004 Truck fire was arson but a CHP officer talked me out of it as did the repair shop. The day of the accidents I was clearly lucky but after the July 20th 2011 accident which was mile away from the repair being suspect that the collective accidents were more than coincidental.  

    During this mess I've starved and seen who my friends were.  I would never step into a Mormon Ward again as the Danville Stake is covering up the connections to their members.  


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